Black Cops Beat Black Perp to Death. Do We Riot Or Not? – American Renaissance 1/29/23


On January 7, as the whole world now knows, Memphis police pulled over a 29-year-old black man, Tyre Nichols, and gave him a beating. He looked pretty banged up in this photo taken by his family in the hospital, where he died on January 10.

There was rising black anger — reported nationally and even internationally — with calls for officers to be fired and charged with murder. Everyone assumed the cops were white. On January 17, the Nichols family reported that professional racism-chaser Benjamin Crump would represent them. On January 18, the US Department of Justice announced it was joining the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) on the case, and would sniff out civil rights violations. This was shaping up to be the next great “white supremacy” scandal, but on January 20, the Memphis PD dropped a bomb: All the officers — who had just been fired — were black….

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The Fifth Wave: Twittermania – MartinGurri 1/18/23


ACT ONE:  The Conversion of the Institutions

By the year 2020, every major institution of American culture had converted to the cult of identity. The virus of performative dogmatism, long incubated at the universities, suddenly spread with alarming rapidity, infecting news media in every format, social media like Facebook and Twitter, search engines like Google, the entertainment world including Hollywood and Broadway, professional sports, the scientific bureaucracy and the finance and investment sector. Even stodgy billion-dollar corporations like Coca-Cola and the supposedly disruptive innovators of Silicon Valley fell in line. Churches and synagogues mutilated their traditional doctrines to make room for the new faith. As with every religious revolution, names were changed and old idols toppled from their pedestals. Nothing like it had transpired since the days of emperor Constantine.

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The Relentless Punishment of Critics of Israel – PhilipGiraldi 1/24/23


There were a couple of interesting articles that have appeared in the past several weeks that illustrate inter alia how the Israel Lobby operates when anyone dares to challenge America’s wag-the-dog relationship with the Jewish state. To be sure, the labels “antisemite” and “holocaust denier” are flung about with wild abandon as a first step, but there is a level of viciousness that goes well beyond that as the Zionists seek to ruin the reputations and employment prospects of those whom they target.

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M&M’s Ends Woke ‘Spokescandies’ After Pushback, Replacing Them With Actress Maya Rudolph – TheEpochTimes 1/23/23


M&M’s says it’s pulling its increasingly woke “spokescandies” mascots after a massive pushback over the politicization of the beloved candy brand.

Mars, the candy maker which produces M&M’s, announced on Jan. 23 that it would replace its decades-old team of M&M’s “spokescandies” mascots with the actress Maya Rudolph, after backlash by longtime fans over its failed makeover to make the brand more inclusive.

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Video Evidence Suggests Greta Thunberg Detainment In Germany May Have Been Staged – ZeroHedge 1/18/23


Greta Thunberg, the manufactured political product of her activist parents and a climate change regime desperate for a literal poster child, has never been one for sincerity.  Mostly known for her ability to conjure drama and gain attention from the mainstream media rather than any displays of scientific knowledge or skill in debate, Thunberg’s antics often appear to be more about herself than any legitimate concern for the environment.  Recent events in Germany suggest that her M.O. has not changed.

During a protest over the expansion of a coal mining operation in Germany, Thunberg was apparently “detained” by police, sending climate change activists into a fury on social media.  Images of Thunberg smiling as she was carried away by law enforcement were circulated widely by the media.  However, other video footage of her interactions with police and reporters on the scene show that the arrest may have been staged for the cameras. …

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Gender Ideology Breaches the Gates of Medicine – JamesO.BreenMD 1/13/23


Science is incapable of resolving the debate about treatments for childhood gender dysphoria.

If you relied exclusively on the legacy media for the news, you’d never know that, recently, the Catholic Medical Association, along with other faith-and-reason-based medical organizations, issued an open letter to the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and other medical advocates of “gender-affirming care” for minors suffering from gender dysphoria.

In the open letter, the CMA and its co-authors appeal to all medical professionals’ common interest in minimizing suffering and improving care for these children and adolescents through the unbiased appraisal of existing medical evidence regarding causes and treatments, pointing out that “respectful debate and disagreement provide a basis for furthering scientific inquiry.”

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The Tyranny of Minorities – BillKing 1/12/23


We hear a great deal today about the “protection of democracy.” For Democrats, it is all about voter suppression and election denial, and for Republicans, election fraud. But the great irony, and far greater threat to democracy, comes from both political parties as they routinely thwart the will of the majority of American people to satisfy their primary base voters and the special interests that finance their parties. Neither really give a tinker’s damn about what the majority of Americans want.

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5 Reasons Why Gold Is Green – Ronni Stoeferle 1/13/23


In this refreshingly fact-focused report, Matterhorn Asset Management (MAM) advisor, Ronni Stoeferle, takes a deeper look at the false “eco war” on gold.

In a world of ever-growing public narratives completely at odds with transparent reality (from “Putin’s” war to “Transitory Inflation”), it should come as no surprise that the current ESG and “Green Revolution Army” of the woke West has turned its political gun sights toward the one precious metal which serves as the greatest threat to a dying fiat currency system: Gold. With puffed chests and lofty claims, global environmental leadership has conveniently made a disingenuous but full-frontal assault on gold mining (and hence gold) as an environmental threat.

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How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom Test – JayBhattacharya 1/11/23


For America’s new clerisy, scientific debate is a danger to be suppressed.

We live in an age when a high public health bureaucrat can, without irony, announce to the world that if you criticize him, you are not simply criticizing a man. You are criticizing “the science” itself. The irony in this idea of “science” as a set of sacred doctrines and beliefs is that the Age of Enlightenment, which gave us our modern definitions of scientific methodology, was a reaction against a religious clerisy that claimed for itself the sole ability to distinguish truth from untruth. The COVID-19 pandemic has apparently brought us full circle, with a public health clerisy having replaced the religious one as the singular source of unassailable truth.

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From Status to Merit and Back to Status – PaulCraigRoberts 1/3/23


Henry Sumner Maine in 1861 wrote that “the movement of the progressive societies has hitherto been a movement from Status to Contract.”  Maine is referring to the rise of merit from the Enlightenment and its replacement of aristocratic status as the basis for advancement.  

In the past few decades today’s progressives have turned this movement upside down. The new progressive movement is from merit to status based on race, gender, and sexual preference.  Already in law there is a two-tier system of rights and privileges governing university admissions, employment, promotion, and criminal law that mimic the medieval era of status-based rights.  Astute observers would also point out that in the 21st century both Republican and Democrat presidents have resurrected the power of medieval governments to confine people in prison on suspicion alone and to execute the accused without due process of law.

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What If They Believe It? – TheZMan 1/2/23


One of the questions no one in the media plans to ask is why the FBI was so deeply involved in the Twitter disinformation campaigns? The word “disinformation” is the correct word in this case. Twitter was actively trying to provide the public with false information about a wide range of issues. One tool they used was silencing those who contradicted official narratives. They would instruct the Twitter censorship team to take down posts and ban particular users.

Presumably, the FBI was not just involved with Twitter, but with all of the big social media companies. Of course, this was just part of what the FBI has been doing to undermine the normal functioning of society. Victor Davis Hanson took a stab at cataloging some of their activity. He does not get into their plots to entrap people in various capers like the Gretchen Whitmer case. Then there is their involvement in the January 6 protests at the Capitol.

This is a massive effort, but to what end? Paul Gottfried suggests the primary motivation is power politics. “I’m still trying to figure out where the close alliance between surveillance agencies and the woke Left, which has been evident since at least the Obama Administration, may lead. I have no doubt this friendship is based more on power considerations than ideological affinity.” The assumption here is that the FBI does not really believe the crazy things they are saying.

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A New Year, A New Hope – Sasha Stone 1/1/23


Two years ago, I started this Substack to find a path out of the madness that had overtaken the Left. The madness was everywhere. People were getting fired right and left, mostly left, for saying words they weren’t supposed to say. There was a sudden climate of fear that was crippling nearly every institution of power, most especially the one I work in: Hollywood.

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Courts Won’t Stop The Feds From Deputizing Big Tech – MargotCleveland 12/29/22


The release of internal communications in the ongoing series of “Twitter Files” reveals a government bent on propaganda and censorship—and a Big Tech industry willing to play along. With each new thread detailing the internal workings and cozy relationship between the Twitter team and our government, the political right screams louder of First Amendment violations.

The First Amendment cannot be the whole answer to the problem, however, and, in fact, may not have even been transgressed. Americans are right to be outraged, but the solution doesn’t rest in constitutional claims. The deepest solution is in a resurgence in the values of free speech and a free press.

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Musk Vs. Fauci – CrisisMagazine 12/16/22


Well, maybe you had the seeming transhumanist Big Tech Czar going after Emperor Fauci on your 2022 bingo card, but I sure didn’t. Yet, as Pope Francis loves to say, we do have a “God of surprises,” and I think Elon Musk looking like a veritable white knight against one of the greatest criminals in American history is a surprise, to say the least.

If you weren’t aware, Musk went after Fauci—and gender pronouns, I might add—with a tweet from a few days back, stating: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.”

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A Native Internet Protocol for Social Media – JackDorsey 12/13/22


There’s a lot of conversation around the #TwitterFiles. Here’s my take, and thoughts on how to fix the issues identified.
I’ll start with the principles I’ve come to believe…based on everything I’ve learned and experienced through my past actions as a Twitter co-founder and lead:

1. Social media must be resilient to corporate and government control.
2. Only the original author may remove content they produce.
3. Moderation is best implemented by algorithmic choice.
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You’re Gonna Get Sick, Get Used to It – ToddHayen 12/10/22


Zero Covid, zero disease, zero suffering, zero death. Unrealistic goals? You bet—although many countries (particularly China) have seemingly adopted a “Zero Covid” stance and have made a rather destructive effort to eliminate any occurrence of Covid-19 from their citizenry—boarding people up in their apartments, attacking people trying to escape, all those fun things fascists like to do.

This effort to maintain a “Zero Covid” environment is yet another piece of the agenda intended to brainwash and thus control the populace. The powers that be know that, but most of the people they are controlling do not.

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Russian Media Laughs At US Government’s Woke Trade For Griner Instead Of Whelan – ZeroHedge 12/10/22


While the Biden Administration does not represent half the country (some might argue far more than half) when it comes to principles, values, morals, intelligence, courage, common sense, etc., it unfortunately does represent all of us when it comes to the world stage and geopolitics.

Millions of Americans are fully aware that the Brittney Griner prisoner swap for international arms dealer Viktor Bout is a bad trade, and that US Marine Paul Whelan, now imprisoned in Russia for two years, should have been included in the deal.  We all know that Biden’s agenda for this trade was based on winning woke points with his far-left base (and part of some unspoken arrangement with Saudi Arabia and UAE), but the prisoner swap is more than just foolish political gamesmanship, it is also an embarrassment for the US as a whole.

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Why The Left Must Destroy Free Speech Or Be Destroyed – ThomasDiLorenzo 12/9/22


In Hayek’s famous 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom, he warned that the intellectual and political classes of the democracies of that time were embracing some of the same ideas that inspired Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Stalin’s Russia:  comprehensive government planning, hyper regulation of industry,  nationalization, welfare statism, and collectivism in general.  He did not predict that these societies would end up “in serfdom,” however, as some have mistakenly claimed.  Quite the contrary.  In his first chapter he clearly stated that he hoped the ideas in the book would help these countries to avoid that disastrous fate.  He hoped the ideas of the book would be a roadblock on the road to serfdom.

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The Woke Chokehold – TheodoreDalrymple 12/2/22


One of the most astonishing things about the woke is their high boredom threshold. They seem to have the same thoughts about the same subjects, expressed in the same language, all their waking lives. They never tire or let their vigilance down. They look at Raphael or Botticelli and see only social injustice. They are terrible bores.

The explanation of their persistence, which resembles that of flies on a corpse, is that truth, which holds no interest for them, is not their object, but power, the cynosure of every ambitious mediocrity’s eyes. To change the metaphor slightly, the lunatics have taken over the asylum or, in the case of the museums, the philistines.

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Bar Association Votes To Abandon LSAT To ‘Enhance Diversity’ – ZeroHedge 11/27/22


An arm of the American Bar Association voted on Nov. 18 to end the longstanding requirement that prospective law students take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) – a standardized test which gauges one’s logical reasoning skills, rather than a strictly knowledge-based test such as the SAT, GRE, and MCAT.

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The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried – JeffreyA.Tucker 11/18/22


A series of revealing texts and tweets by Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced CEO of FTX, the once high-flying but now belly-up crypto exchange, had the following to say about his image as a do-gooder: it is a “dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us.”

Very interesting. He had the whole game going: a vegan worried about climate change, supports every manner of justice (racial, social, environmental) except that which is coming for him, and shells out millions to worthy charities associated with the left. He also bought plenty of access and protection in D.C., enough to make his shady company the toast of the town.

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Cancel Culture’s War on History, Heritage and the Freedom to Think for Yourself – John&NishaWhitehead 11/22/22


“All the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible… In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”—C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

There will come a time in the not-so-distant future when the very act of thinking for ourselves is not just outlawed but unthinkable.

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Crypto Fraud Exposes Woke Capitalism As A Scam – MichaelShellenberger 11/17/22


Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, which was, until last week, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, is today facing prison time for allegedly defrauding his customers of billions of dollars. Bankman-Fried, 30, donated to many progressive causes allied with the “effective altruism movement,” including pandemic prevention and response. He spoke at, and presumably donated to, the World Economic Forum’s Davos conference last May and the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative in September. Bankman-Fried is similar to Bernie Madoff in that both men used philanthropic giving, and the veneer of humility, to create a positive reputation while running pyramid schemes that should have set off red flags among investors, regulators, and journalists….

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They Helped Create ESG. Two Decades Later, Some See a Mess – EENews 7/26/22


The story of how ESG investing began is almost as wonky as its name.

The intent of Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG, investing wasn’t to bring “woke capitalism” to Wall Street, its early proponents say.

Rather, ESG was designed to be another useful metric to help investors assess the health and future profitability of a company. If a company is too heavily invested in coal operations, for example, it’s probably not going to do well long-term in a global economy that’s cracking down on the dirty fuel.

Of course, ESG investing now is much, much more than that.

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Entertainment Companies Start Dumping Woke Content As Viewership Tumbles – Zerohedge 8/7/22


They’ll never admit to it openly, but getting woke makes companies broke.  Hollywood has been overtly progressive for decades, but this is nothing compared to the social justice invasion since 2016.  After around five years of an unprecedented leftist onslaught on the entertainment industry we are finally starting to see the rampage lose oxygen.  There’s a weakness within woke productions that the alternative media has been pointing out for a long time – They don’t make a profit because they are designed to appease a minority of leftist zennials that don’t have any money.  This is the wrong crowd to rely on for cash flow.

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What Is ESG? It’s A Leveraging Tool For The Woke Communist Takeover – Zerohedge 8/7/22


The corporate dynamic when it comes to politics has been rather bizarre the past five years.  The general rule for decades in the US was that companies would avoid public sparring over political agendas whenever possible and if they did contribute to election campaigns they would spend money discreetly on candidates in both parties to hedge their bets.  Something changed around 2015-2016, however.

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The Wrong Reasons to Hate Google – Allan Stevo 5/25/22


In 2005, John Battelle, one of the original editors of Wired magazine, published an excellent anthropology of the Internet entitled The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture.

Wired magazine is awful, woke propaganda today. Google is awful, woke propaganda today. Before these companies were awful, they were great.

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Madison Cawthorn Targeted for Destruction in Wake of DC Orgy Comments, Criticizing ‘Thug’ Zelensky – InformationLiberation 5/5/22


North Carolina Rep Madison Cawthorn (R) is being targeted for destruction by the GOP establishment for bucking the system on Ukraine and speaking out against the blackmailing operation running DC.

All the embarrassing leaks coming out ahead of his primary would be kept secret if he was a good little neocon puppet.

Instead, Cawthorn went rogue in March by bashing Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as a “thug” leading a regime that’s “incredibly corrupt and is incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies.”…

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