The UN: “We must all Work to Eradicate (Hate Speech) Completely.” – Robert W. Malone MD 6/24/24


The “International Day for Countering Hate Speech” was on 18 June. Yep, there is now a special day to promote and legitimize propaganda and censorship. On that day, UN Secretary-General António Guterres released a press release outlining their new “plan of action” to censor speech and calling for more governmental propaganda.

The United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech provides a framework to tackle both the causes and impacts of this scourge.  And the United Nations is currently preparing Global Principles for Information Integrity to guide decision makers around these issues.”

Basically, the UN will be rolling out a new edict requiring nations to censor citizens and organizations by documenting what they perceive as harms done by free-speech “this scourge.”

Hate speech today targets a broad range of groups, often based on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, belief or political affiliation.”

So, hate speech now includes speech criticizing a belief or specific political affiliation. When did the definition of hate speech change? Who knew?

The Secretary-General António Guterres then states that each nation already has an obligation under international law to censor as well as propagandize; he writes:…

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