Black Cops Beat Black Perp to Death. Do We Riot Or Not? – American Renaissance 1/29/23


On January 7, as the whole world now knows, Memphis police pulled over a 29-year-old black man, Tyre Nichols, and gave him a beating. He looked pretty banged up in this photo taken by his family in the hospital, where he died on January 10.

There was rising black anger — reported nationally and even internationally — with calls for officers to be fired and charged with murder. Everyone assumed the cops were white. On January 17, the Nichols family reported that professional racism-chaser Benjamin Crump would represent them. On January 18, the US Department of Justice announced it was joining the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) on the case, and would sniff out civil rights violations. This was shaping up to be the next great “white supremacy” scandal, but on January 20, the Memphis PD dropped a bomb: All the officers — who had just been fired — were black….

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The New York Times is Orwell’s Ministry of Truth – EdwardCurtin 1/22/23


“Ingsoc. The sacred principles of ingsoc. Newspeak, double-speak, the mutability of the past.” – George Orwell, 1984

As today dawned, I was looking out the window into the cold grayness with small patches of snow littering the frozen ground.  As light snow began to fall, I felt a deep mourning in my soul as a memory came to me of another snowy day in 1972 when I awoke to news of Richard Nixon’s savage Christmas bombing of North Vietnam with more than a hundred B-52 bombers, in wave after wave, dropping death and destruction on Hanoi and other parts of North Vietnam.  I thought of the war the United States is now waging against Russia via Ukraine and how, as during the U.S. war against Vietnam, few Americans seem to care until it becomes too late.  It depressed me.

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Why Is The Mainstream Media Being So Quiet About The Military Strikes That Are Causing Massive Explosions In Iran? – MichaelSnyder 1/29/23


Are you ready for a catastrophic war in the Middle East?  When I heard that there had been multiple military strikes inside Iran on Saturday night, I went to several prominent mainstream news websites looking for confirmation.  But I didn’t see any stories about these strikes on any of their front pages.  That puzzled me, because social media is filled with videos of these attacks, and there are lots of stories about them in Middle Eastern news sources.  So why is the mainstream media here in the United States choosing to be so quiet about what is happening inside Iran?

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The Fifth Wave: Twittermania – MartinGurri 1/18/23


ACT ONE:  The Conversion of the Institutions

By the year 2020, every major institution of American culture had converted to the cult of identity. The virus of performative dogmatism, long incubated at the universities, suddenly spread with alarming rapidity, infecting news media in every format, social media like Facebook and Twitter, search engines like Google, the entertainment world including Hollywood and Broadway, professional sports, the scientific bureaucracy and the finance and investment sector. Even stodgy billion-dollar corporations like Coca-Cola and the supposedly disruptive innovators of Silicon Valley fell in line. Churches and synagogues mutilated their traditional doctrines to make room for the new faith. As with every religious revolution, names were changed and old idols toppled from their pedestals. Nothing like it had transpired since the days of emperor Constantine.

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The New Rules of Engagement – JeffDeist 1/23/23


Not that long ago, my grandparents explained to me why they never discussed politics, religion, or sex in mixed company. Politeness was their currency. And why antagonize people or create ill will over private matters?

Fast-forward to 2023, and their advice seems needed more than ever. Today nothing is private; everything is political. And American politics is characterized by a perverse degree of bad faith.

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NYT Moves to ‘Stack the Deck of Justice’ Against Its Subscribers – FAIR 1/14/23


The New York Times (10/31/15) used to think taking away “the only tool citizens have to fight illegal or deceitful business practices” was a bad thing.

“Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice” was a headline on a groundbreaking New York Times report (10/31/15) from 2015. Reporters Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Robert Gebeloff looked into the fine-print “agreements” that people sign, usually without reading them, as a requirement for obtaining credit card memberships or cellphone contracts or internet service—contracts that tell you that if there is any problem with your account, the company “may elect to resolve any claim by individual arbitration.”

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Therapeutic Value of Drugs Frequently Marketed Using Direct-to-Consumer Television Advertising, 2015 to 2021 – JAMANetwork 1/13/23


Direct-to-consumer drug advertising increased by nearly 5-fold from 1997 to 2016, with 663 000 television commercials reported in 2016. Television advertisements account for roughly two-thirds of total direct-to-consumer advertising spending.1 Direct-to-consumer advertising is associated with use of higher-cost drugs over generics and less expensive alternatives.2 Proponents have argued that such advertising improves public health by promoting clinically beneficial prescribing. We assessed the therapeutic value (ie, whether they represent advances over existing treatments) of drugs subject to most direct-to-consumer television advertising from 2015 to 2021.

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Video Evidence Suggests Greta Thunberg Detainment In Germany May Have Been Staged – ZeroHedge 1/18/23


Greta Thunberg, the manufactured political product of her activist parents and a climate change regime desperate for a literal poster child, has never been one for sincerity.  Mostly known for her ability to conjure drama and gain attention from the mainstream media rather than any displays of scientific knowledge or skill in debate, Thunberg’s antics often appear to be more about herself than any legitimate concern for the environment.  Recent events in Germany suggest that her M.O. has not changed.

During a protest over the expansion of a coal mining operation in Germany, Thunberg was apparently “detained” by police, sending climate change activists into a fury on social media.  Images of Thunberg smiling as she was carried away by law enforcement were circulated widely by the media.  However, other video footage of her interactions with police and reporters on the scene show that the arrest may have been staged for the cameras. …

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Overlords at the Easel – TedRall 1/18/23


The retail employee who directs you to the self-scanning devices that promise to put him out of work is engaged in economic suicide. But it’s not his choice. He is ordered to do so by his boss.

Human beings who voluntarily develop and perfect artificial intelligence elevate the perverse todestrieb to a nearly incomprehensible scale. A.I. workers could do anything else. They could do nothing at all. They could sabotage the bots and self-driving cars and autonomous armed drones that will drive us to the unemployment line before blowing off our heads. I do not know what the fact that A.I. scientists roll up their sleeves and do their best to render us all redundant and obsolete demonstrates about our psychological wiring, but it cannot be good.

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5th-Gen Warfare Terms and Tactics – RobertW.MaloneMD 1/15/23


“The deliberate manipulation of an observer’s context in order to achieve a desired outcome.”

So, what is fifth generation warfare and why does it matter?

5th-Gen warfare is an extension of Asymmetric and Insurgent Warfare strategies and tactics, whereby both conventional and unconventional military tactics and weapons are incorporated and deployed, including exploitation of political, religious and social causes. This new gradient of warfare uses the internet, social media and the 24 hour news cycle to change cognitive biases of individuals and/or organizations. It can be conducted by organized or unorganized (ergo decentralized) groups; it may be led by nation states, non-nation state actors and organizations, non-governmental organizations or even individuals. A key characteristic of 5th Gen warfare is that the nature of the attack is concealed. The goal is to disrupt and defeat opponents by creating new cognitive biases.

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Gender Ideology Breaches the Gates of Medicine – JamesO.BreenMD 1/13/23


Science is incapable of resolving the debate about treatments for childhood gender dysphoria.

If you relied exclusively on the legacy media for the news, you’d never know that, recently, the Catholic Medical Association, along with other faith-and-reason-based medical organizations, issued an open letter to the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and other medical advocates of “gender-affirming care” for minors suffering from gender dysphoria.

In the open letter, the CMA and its co-authors appeal to all medical professionals’ common interest in minimizing suffering and improving care for these children and adolescents through the unbiased appraisal of existing medical evidence regarding causes and treatments, pointing out that “respectful debate and disagreement provide a basis for furthering scientific inquiry.”

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There’s Something Terribly Wrong With Gorsad Kyiv and it’s Worse than Balenciaga – VigilantCitizen 1/14/23


Gorsad Kyiv is a collective of photographers that collaborates with the world’s largest brands. Apparently, everybody’s ignoring the fact that their work revolves around the graphic abuse and sexualization of children. Even worse, some of these “models” appear to be actual victims of child trafficking. Here’s a look at Gorsad Kyiv….

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The Tyranny of Minorities – BillKing 1/12/23


We hear a great deal today about the “protection of democracy.” For Democrats, it is all about voter suppression and election denial, and for Republicans, election fraud. But the great irony, and far greater threat to democracy, comes from both political parties as they routinely thwart the will of the majority of American people to satisfy their primary base voters and the special interests that finance their parties. Neither really give a tinker’s damn about what the majority of Americans want.

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How Stanford Failed the Academic Freedom Test – JayBhattacharya 1/11/23


For America’s new clerisy, scientific debate is a danger to be suppressed.

We live in an age when a high public health bureaucrat can, without irony, announce to the world that if you criticize him, you are not simply criticizing a man. You are criticizing “the science” itself. The irony in this idea of “science” as a set of sacred doctrines and beliefs is that the Age of Enlightenment, which gave us our modern definitions of scientific methodology, was a reaction against a religious clerisy that claimed for itself the sole ability to distinguish truth from untruth. The COVID-19 pandemic has apparently brought us full circle, with a public health clerisy having replaced the religious one as the singular source of unassailable truth.

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What is the US “Gas Stove Ban” REALLY about? – KitKnightly 1/12/23


What sounds like overeach in itself, is actually a cover for something potentially far, far worse.

The Biden administration is apparently looking to ban gas stoves, calling them a “hidden danger”. But while that sounds bad enough, a deeper dive shows – as usual – it’s not really about what they say it’s about.

Talk of banning gas stoves and “unregulated indoor air quality” could be a Trojan horse designed to get even more “smart” monitoring technology into your home.

Let’s jump in.

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In Biden Documents Story, Stenography and Scandal Take Center Stage – FAIR 1/12/23


News coverage of the revelation that President Joe Biden found and returned classified documents left over from his time as vice president offers a textbook example of corporate media’s twin commitments to scandal and stenography.

After CBS Evening News announced the “breaking news” on its January 9 program, teeing up the right-wing media machine by directly framing the story in comparison to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document scandal, many corporate outlets covered the story by focusing on what each party had to say about it—rather than what the general public ought to understand about it.

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U.S. Government Identified as Original Source of Lab Leak Theory. What’s Really Going On? – WillJones 1/10/23


Where did the lab leak theory come from? Who first promoted the idea and why? The answer to this question is surprising – and may be the key to unlocking the mystery of the origin of COVID-19.

The first known mention of the idea that the coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese lab appeared on January 9th 2020 in a report by Radio Free Asia (RFA). This was just days after the virus had first entered public consciousness, and at the time, no deaths had yet been reported and few people were worrying about the virus – including, it seems, the Chinese, who were claiming it wasn’t even clear whether it was spreading between humans.

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Zelensky Expands Crackdown on Ukrainian Media – LibertarianInstitute 1/2/23


President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a new bill into law which strengthens government control over public access to news in Ukraine. Zelensky has already nationalized the country’s media under martial law powers invoked after Russia’s invasion last year, stoking criticism from press freedom groups.

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Under Musk, Twitter Continues to Promote US Propaganda Networks – FAIR 1/6/23


Twitter’s “state-affiliated media” policy has an unwritten exemption for US government-funded and -controlled news media accounts. Twitter even boosts these accounts as “authoritative” sources for news during the Russian/Ukrainian war.

Elon Musk’s controlled release of the documents known as the “Twitter Files” has given us some insight into the inner workings of the social media platform. The batch of docs released on December 20 is arguably the most explosive, detailing Twitter’s deliberate shielding of US propaganda operations. After getting limited access to Twitter‘s internal systems, Lee Fang of the Intercept (12/20/22) detailed how Twitter staff “whitelisted” accounts run by US Central Command (CENTCOM), the unit of the US military that oversees the Middle East, as part of covert propaganda campaigns. In other words, Twitter protected accounts engaged in US psychological warfare operations, even though they clearly violated the platform’s terms of service.

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Six Journalists Arrested for Releasing Video Showing South Sudan President Wetting Himself – PJMedia 1/7/23


South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has been in office since the country became independent in 2011. The 71-year-old had been rumored to be in ill health for months, but during a photo-op in December, Kiir was shown standing during the nation’s national anthem and wetting himself in a most embarrassing way.

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Why Coverage Of Dana White Slapping His Wife Has Been So Disastrous – Defector 1/6/23


Less than one week ago, TMZ published a video showing Dana White slapping his wife Anne at a club in Cabo San Lucas. White is the president of the UFC, arguably the single most prominent person affiliated with inarguably the largest MMA promotion in the world. He has given many very blustery quotes about how seriously the UFC takes domestic violence, quotes that now ring even more hollow than they did before when considering how consistently his organization has insulated its fighters from even the faintest consequences. This is a big story, one that should be straightforward for the enthusiast press and the mainstream sports media to cover. And yet, because of the media environment White and the UFC have ruthlessly cultivated for themselves over the past decade, coverage of this story has been mostly abominable.

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Media Blackout Over Terror Incident At Vegas Power Plant – ZeroHedge 1/8/23


The US power grid is under attack as extremists shoot, sabotage, and vandalize electrical equipment at power stations. One of the highest-profile attacks was when two men used guns to paralyze a substation in Washington state on Christmas Day, leaving thousands without electricity. The incident made national news, but strangely enough, another attack last week on the Las Vegas power grid went unnoticed by the national press.

Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, rammed his car through the gate of a solar power generation plant outside Las Vegas on Wednesday and set his car on fire, intending to damage a massive transformer, 8 News Now reported….

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Japan Crosses the Rubicon: The First of a Two-Part Article on Japan’s Rearmament – TimShorrock 12/23/22


With barely any notice from the US media, Japan’s conservative LDP government has embraced a counter-strike strategy – giving it the ability to strike enemy bases overseas – for the first time since 1945. The announcement has sparked protests in South Korea and Japan and generated outrage in North Korea and China. The first of a two-part article.

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Ukraine: The Big Push To End The War – MoonOfAlabama 1/4/23


Over Christmas I had a short talk with a relative about the war in Ukraine. He asked me who would win and was astonished when I said: “Ukraine has zero chance to win.” That person reads some German mainstream news sites and watches the public TV networks. With those sources of ‘information’ he was made to believe that Ukraine was winning the war.

One may excuse that with him never having been in a military and not being politically engaged. But still there are some basic numbers that let one conclude from the beginning that Russia, the much bigger, richer and more industrialized country, had clearly all advantages. My relative  obviously never had had that thought.

The ‘western’ propaganda is still quite strong. However, as I pointed out in March last year propaganda does not change a war and lies do not win it. Its believability is shrinking.

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Interpreting Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Collapse – JohnLeake 1/3/23


Dr. McCullough is in the midst of a long deposition, so he is unable to respond to the flurry of queries he received this morning about the sudden collapse of Damar Hamlin on the playing field last night. He just sent me an E-mail with the following assessment that he developed last night:

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Lack Of Good Analyses Contributes To The Decline Of The ‘West’ – MoonOfAlabama 12/30/22


Lack Of Good Analyses Contributes To The Decline Of The ‘West’

What really hit me last year was the dearth of correct analyses in main stream media and in politics with regards to the war in Ukraine. Little if anything is based on facts. More than 90% of the published output is propaganda.

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A New Year, A New Hope – Sasha Stone 1/1/23


Two years ago, I started this Substack to find a path out of the madness that had overtaken the Left. The madness was everywhere. People were getting fired right and left, mostly left, for saying words they weren’t supposed to say. There was a sudden climate of fear that was crippling nearly every institution of power, most especially the one I work in: Hollywood.

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Tucker Carlson and the JFK Allegations – EdwardCurtin 12/25/22


On December 15, the night that the Biden administration released some of the remaining JFK files while withholding others with another half-assed excuse, Tucker Carlson, the most-watched cable news television host, delivered a monologue about the JFK assassination.  It garnered a great deal of attention.

Although I don’t watch Carlson’s television show, I received messages from many friends and colleagues, people I highly respect, about his monologue’s great significance, so I watched that episode. And then I watched it many more times.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a man whom I hold in the highest esteem, tweeted that it was “the most courageous newscast in 60 years.  The CIA’s murder of my uncle was a successful coup d’état from which our democracy has never recovered.”

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Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups? – RonUnz 12/25/22


The 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy possibly ranks as the single most famous event of the twentieth century.

For nearly sixty years, there have been widespread suspicions that he died at the hands of a conspiracy, as did his brother Robert a few years later. Although these “conspiracy theories” have been ignored or dismissed by nearly our entire mainstream media, they have inspired hundreds or thousands of books and films along with countless articles, and have been widely believed by large portions of the American public. The resulting loss of faith in our major institutions has been dramatic, leading to today’s intense popular skepticism on so many other issues, whether justified or unjustified.

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Watch: Media Dutifully Parrots “Zelensky Is Winston Churchill” Talking Point – ZeroHedge 12/23/22


U.S. media lapdogs spent all of Thursday repeating the talking point that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is the modern day Winston Churchill, following his embarrassing red carpet treatment by Democrats in D.C. earlier in the week.

As we highlighted, Democrats fawned all over Zelensky during his visit, to the point that even he was freaked out by it.

Zelensky walked into the Congress, gave an angry speech, raised a Ukrainian flag, collected another 50 billion dollars and complained that it wasn’t enough before leaving.

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Russian Media Laughs At US Government’s Woke Trade For Griner Instead Of Whelan – ZeroHedge 12/10/22


While the Biden Administration does not represent half the country (some might argue far more than half) when it comes to principles, values, morals, intelligence, courage, common sense, etc., it unfortunately does represent all of us when it comes to the world stage and geopolitics.

Millions of Americans are fully aware that the Brittney Griner prisoner swap for international arms dealer Viktor Bout is a bad trade, and that US Marine Paul Whelan, now imprisoned in Russia for two years, should have been included in the deal.  We all know that Biden’s agenda for this trade was based on winning woke points with his far-left base (and part of some unspoken arrangement with Saudi Arabia and UAE), but the prisoner swap is more than just foolish political gamesmanship, it is also an embarrassment for the US as a whole.

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Washington Post Hemorrhages 500,000 Subscribers In Biden Era – ZeroHedge 12/9/22


Mainstream media has been on a deathbed for the better part of a decade as newsrooms shuttered, and more importantly, trust with the American people collapsed because of the frequently biased reporting and spread of disinformation. Legacy media is at the mercy of big corporations and the government and is entirely out of touch with everyday folks.

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