Hello, Goodbye, and Hello to Twitter. – AltNewsAg 12/27/22

Source: AltNewsAg.org

Well, I reopened the @RearNakedSmoke Twitter feed last month in the hopes that some of my old followers would still be around, but alas, they are not. Most have moved on. Of those that are left, Twitter algorithms have assured that only around 5% are actually seeing my Tweets, and of those few, societal declines have assured that <1% are interested in reading them. Therefore, as of now, @RearNakedSmoke is dead again. I’m moving on to @AltNewsAg. Anyone who has an interest in my socio-political commentary and unique brand of Alt-News Aggregation can follow me there (or on Telegram and/or Truth Social). To all of the rest, I wish you nothing but the best, and suggest one last time that you explore Emmanuel Swedenborg’s interpretation of the Bible. Finally, just to underscore the severity of our times, I will close with a Bible verse: “Amen, I say to you, that no prophet is accepted in his own country.” Luke 4:24

God Bless,