A Delusional Recipe for Armageddon – Matthew Ehret 12/5/23

Source: TheLastAmericanVagabond.com

In 1996, a nest of American-born imperialists revolving around Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Richard Perle created a new think tank called “The Project for a New American Century.”

While the principled aim of the think tank ultimately hinged on a new “Pearl Harbor moment” that would justify a new era of regime-change wars in the Middle East, a secondary but equally important part of the formula involved the dominance of “Greater Israel” Likud fanatics then taking power over the murdered body of Yitzhak Rabin.

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Why the Media Aren’t Telling the Whole Story of Libya’s Floods – Jonathan Cook 9/18/23

Source: Antiwar.com

The reality of the West’s trademark current foreign policy – marketed for the past two decades under the principle of a “Responsibility to Protect” – is all too visible amid Libya’s flood wreckage.

Many thousands are dead or missing in the port of Derna after two dams protecting the city burst this week as they were battered by Storm Daniel. Vast swaths of housing in the region, including in Benghazi, west of Derna, lie in ruins.

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Who Is National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the Man Running US Foreign Policy – Rick Sterling 6/27/23

Source: Antiwar.com

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is arguably the key person driving US foreign policy. He was mentored by Hillary Clinton with regime changes in Honduras, Libya and Syria. He was the link between Nuland and Biden during the 2014 coup in Ukraine. As reported by Seymour Hersh, Sullivan led the planning of the Nord Stream pipelines destruction in September 2022. Sullivan guides or makes many large and small foreign policy decisions. This article will describe Jake Sullivan’s background, what he says, what he has been doing, where the US is headed and why this should be debated….

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The ‘Persian Spring’: Libya and Syria Script now Playing out in Iran – Gavin O’Reilly 11/13/22

Source: BlacklistedNews.com

Thursday’s admission by former US National Security Advisor and notorious Iran-hawk John Bolton, that weapons are being provided to those carrying out the latest regime change attempt taking place against Tehran, should come as little surprise.

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Propaganda 101: Ukraine 2022 – Off-Guardian 3/26/22

Source: off-guardian.org

During 2011, NATO bombed a path to Tripoli to help its proxy forces on the ground oust Gaddafi. Tens of thousands lost their lives and much of Libya’s social fabric and infrastructure lay in ruins.

The 2016 article appearing in Foreign Policy Journal ‘Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libyan Intervention’ exposed why Libya was targeted.

Gaddafi was murdered and his plans to assert African independence and undermine Western hegemony on that continent were rendered obsolete.

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