Dr. Mercola’s Alleged Anti-Catholicism, Partnership with ‘Psychic’ Worries Supporters – LifeSite News 6/18/24

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A prominent vaccine skeptic and alternative health advocate has still not addressed concerns about disturbing new interests in his career.

Dr. Joseph Mercola reportedly made anti-Catholic remarks and fired executives he believes are faithful to the Catholic Church earlier this year. According to his sister, Janet Selvig, he now thinks he is “a god” and “the new Jesus.” Comedian and recent Catholic convert Rob Schneider, a Mercola fan, has wondered publicly if the physician has been brainwashed.

A February 14 article in Natural Products Insider (NPI) detailed then-recent business changes and Mercola’s association with a so-called “psychic” who claims to channel an alien entity.

Mercola reportedly wrote an email, shown on February 2, by the recipient to Selvig, then his chief editor, saying he intended to fire Selvig and three other executives. In his email, Mercola described the Catholic Church as a “global cabal” that controls “50% of the world’s worth” and “created all the pain that most people experience.” He added that Selvig and the three other executives have “strong commitments to the Catholic church.”

“The group I am now working with is committed to liberating their wealth and control back to the people and give them back their freedom. I hope you will join me in this anti crusade against them,” the email, according to NPI, reads.

Selvig reportedly told NPI that her brother had asked her to “join this noble crusade.” She also revealed that Mercola “believes that he’s a god and he’s been reincarnated. And he even referred to himself as the new Jesus.”

On February 7, at least three of Mercola’s executives (CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and Selvig) were all reportedly fired by the new CEO, Laura Berry.

On February 12, Mercola reportedly released an in-house video telling employees of a 12-book publication project as “a new beginning for the company” and said his new goal was “to reach billions, literally billions, around the world with a new paradigm of how to increase joy in their life.”

On February 14, Mercola’s long-term romantic and business partner Erin Elizabeth Finn tweeted on X that she was very worried about him and linked to the above NPI report. LifeSiteNews contacted her at the time and she replied:

Thank you for writing and I always appreciate the work of LifeSiteNews. I’m a big fan. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, I cannot speak about the Mercola business. I can only say that we all love Joe very much and appreciate prayers, and we only want the best for him.

Mercola had been working with a “psychic” named Kai Clay (and also Christopher Johnson) who claims to channel an “ancient and wise” alien being called Bahlon. A cursory internet search shows that Mercola does indeed share presentations with this man at public events. NPI says there are hours of videos of him having close personal discussions with Kai (and “Bahlon”).

A Mercola insider told NPI that Mercola has prepared an article in which he promises to share videos of his conversations with the “psychic” to share “Bahlon’s wisdom.” He describes Bahlon as “a collective source energy aimed at bringing self-awareness to Earth” and “a high-vibrational entity seeking to uplift humanity through messages of love, hope and healing.”

According to NPI, in one of the videos viewed by its reporter, “Bahlon” said Berry was connected to a “particularly ancient entity.”…

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