Muslim Soccer Player Suspended by French League for Covering Up Pro-LGBT Message on Jersey – Andreas Wailzer 6/6/24


The French Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) suspended a player for four games for covering up an LGBT message on his jersey during a game.

The LFP issued a statement on May 30 announcing it would suspend midfielder Mohamed Camara of AS Monaco because he refused to “carry out one or more actions to raise awareness of the fight against homophobia.”

Camara, a Muslim from Mali, covered up the so-called “anti-homophobia” logo on his jersey with white tape during his club’s 4-0 win against Nantes on May 19. According to Fox News, Camara did not participate in the team’s group photo in front of a banner with the same pro-LGBT message and also covered up a rainbow-colored badge on his jersey sleeve.

His actions caused a backlash in the mainstream media. France’s sports minister Amelie Oudea-Castera said Camara’s decision was “unacceptable behavior” and called for the “strongest sanctions” against the 24-year-old defensive midfielder.

Thiago Scuro, Monaco’s chief executive, told French media outlets that the club supports the league’s pro-LGBT campaign and that it will discuss the issue with Camara “internally.”…

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