Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill to Require Legal Names, Pronouns in Public Schools – Calvin Freiburger 6/4/24

Source; LifeSiteNews.com

The Louisiana Legislature gave final approval to a bill requiring educators to use children’s actual legal names unless condoned by parents in a move to protect parental rights over the direction of their children’s upbringing.

HB 121, the Given Name Act, forbids public schools from asking employees or students from any inquiry about “pronouns that is inconsistent with (their) sex” or about any “name other than (their) legal name, or a derivative thereof.” It protects employees’ right to refuse to address students by incorrect names or pronouns and entitles parents to corrective action against an educator who does so if the parents choose to pursue it, potentially including a “private cause of action for injunctive relief, monetary damages, reasonable attorney fees and costs, and any other appropriate relief.”

The bill passed the state House 60-31 and the state Senate 27-9, and now awaits a signature from Republican Gov. Jeff Landry, who has already voiced his support….

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