Pornhub Blocks Access in Texas After State-Mandated Digital ID Law – Christina Maas 3/14/24


In response to a Texas state law mandating digital ID age verification, Pornhub, a highly trafficked adult content website, has ceased operations in the state as of Thursday.

Visitors to the site are now met with a detailed message from Pornhub criticizing the new legal requirement.

The message denounces the measure as “ineffective” and “haphazard.”

The adult entertainment brand is instead advocating for digital ID responsibilities to be shifted to the creators of internet-enabled devices, rather than individual websites.

The contentious law, HB 1181, was enacted last year by the state’s Republican-led Legislature. It obliges distributors of material “harmful to minors” to verify that their users are over 18, using either a government-issued ID or another reliable system based on public or private data, without keeping any identifying user information….

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