John Cena Accused Of Partaking In Bizarre Illuminati Initiation – Conor Renshaw 3/12/24


John Cena’s recent appearance at the Oscars has sparked controversy, with social media users accusing the renowned actor and former WWE Champion of participating in an alleged Illuminati initiation ritual.

John Cena‘s comical and nearly naked presentation during the prestigious event has ignited fervent discussions, with some suggesting that it aligns with a purported humiliation ritual that aspiring members of the secret society must undergo.

The actor’s unconventional on-stage appearance, which humorously referenced a historical streaking incident, has led to contrasting interpretations. While some individuals have fervently alleged that Cena’s act was part of an Illuminati-initiated humiliation ritual, others have vehemently defended the actor, citing his previous instances of playful nudity and emphasising the light-hearted nature of his Oscars stunt.

The accusations have proliferated on social media, with some users conjecturing that Cena’s participation in the purported ritual reflects a deeper and more sinister narrative. References to the Illuminati and the nature of the alleged ritual have circulated widely, sparking intense debate and conjecture regarding Cena’s participation and its implications.

This is called the Humiliation Ritual…

Katt Williams was right…

— MJTruthUltra (@MJTruthUltra) March 11, 2024

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