Spanish Soldiers are Changing their Legal Sex to Female for Added Benefits, Higher Pay – Andreas Wailzer 3/13/24


Spanish soldiers are changing their legally registered sex to benefit from policies directed at women, including higher pay and private accommodation.

According to a report from the Telegraph, 41 men in Ceuta, Spain’s autonomous city located in North Africa, have changed their legal sex in order to benefit from affirmative action programs meant to increase the number of women in the military. Most of them are soldiers or policemen, according to Spanish online newspaper El Español.

“On the outside I feel like a heterosexual man, but on the inside I am a lesbian. And it is the latter that counts. This is why I made the legal change to become a woman,” Corporal Roberto Perdigones claimed in comments to El Español.

Perdigones said that “positive discrimination” was an incentive for him to identify as a woman.

“For changing my gender, I have been told that my pension has gone up because women get more to compensate for inequality. I also get 15 per cent more salary for being a mother [sic],” he stated.

“I even have a private room in the barracks, all to myself, with a private bathroom. This is because I cannot be with men as I am a woman [sic], and I did not consider it appropriate to be with biological women out of respect for them,” Perdigones said.

The Telegraph cited sources close to security forces in Ceuta who said that men in the armed forces identify as women and change their legal sex status to get promotions and better conditions. The Socialist Spanish government has put affirmative action programs for women in place in the hope of raising the number of females in police and military forces to 40%.

According to sources cited by El Español, officers in the military and police forces are “changing” their sex as a sign of “rebellion” against the ideological Spanish “trans law.”…

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