Coptic Orthodox Break Dialogue with Vatican over Homosexual ‘Blessings’ – Michael Haynes 3/11/24


The Coptic Orthodox Church has condemned same-sex blessings and suspended its ecumenical dialogue with the Catholic Church citing a “change of position” from the Vatican about homosexuality.

In a statement issued March 7, the Coptic Orthodox Church announced that it would be ceasing its dialogue with the Catholic Church:

After consulting with the sister churches of the Eastern Orthodox family, it was decided to suspend the theological dialogue with the Catholic Church, reevaluate the results achieved by the dialogue from its beginning twenty years ago, and establish new standards and mechanisms for the dialogue to proceed in the future.

The Coptic Orthodox – led by the Patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church Tawadros II of Alexandria –  do not accept the authority of the Roman Pontiff, though dialogue between Rome and the Copts has been underway since 1973. 

In a subsequent video statement and summary of the synod – translated by the Secretum Mihi blog – Coptic spokesman Father Moussa Ibrahim affirmed that the break in dialogue was a direct result of what he described as “the change of position of the Catholic Church regarding the issue of homosexuality.”…

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