Mexico: Congressman Charged With “Violence” for X Posts Receives International Rights Groups Attention – Dan Frieth 3/12/24


An appeal for a response from the Mexican government has been lodged by an international human rights organization, following the conviction of Mexican congressman and ex-presidential candidate Gabriel Quadri. He was found guilty of “political violence” due to a social media post about gender issues. This development raises significant concerns about freedom of speech and political censorship.

Gabriel Quadri, a member of Mexico’s National Action Party and an active political figure since 2012, faces challenges in his political career, including potential restrictions on his ability to run for re-election. He has been vocal about his commitment upholding human rights obligations and freedom of expression.

The controversy stems from Quadri’s social media posts, in which he expressed concerns over the allocation of congressional seats reserved for what he sees as men identifying as women (transgender women), as well as comments on the biological reality in women’s sports.

These posts led to his conviction, triggering criticism from free speech advocates. The Alliance Defending Freedom International (ADFI) has been particularly vocal, supporting Quadri’s stance and highlighting the implications for his civil and political rights, including his eligibility for re-election.

Mexico’s legal framework requires equal gender representation in government, a law that came into effect in 2019….

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