Macron Leads ‘Celebration’ of Constitutional Right to Abortion at Unprecedented Ceremony in Paris – Jeanne Smits 3/8/24


For the first time in French history, a public ceremony was organized Friday to solemnize the inscription of a new amendment into the Constitution.

What used to take place in the office of the Minister of Justice, also called the Garde des Sceaux (“Keeper of the Seals”), was turned into a quasi-religious event on the celebrated Place Vendôme in the center of Paris by President Emmanuel Macron.

The reason? The French leader wanted to give special importance to the new article in the Constitution that proclaims the freedom to have an abortion is “guaranteed” for all women within the framework determined by law. Also, he wanted to be seen publicly as the ultimate promoter of this change to the Constitution, not having been able to join the Parliament’s vote last Tuesday by virtue of the “separation of legislative and executive powers.”

A special covered podium was erected in front of the Ministry of Justice and a bevy of officials (ministers, lawmakers, members of the administration), representatives of the world of culture and pro-abortion advocates, Mrs. Brigitte Macron and others appeared with shining faces and wide smiles to celebrate International Women’s Day with the enshrining of abortion rights into France’s fundamental law. Several hundred ordinary citizens, also mostly female, watched the ceremony from farther away, although the Place Vendôme was far from full.

There was an almost religious silence when the Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti (surrounded by Macron; young, self-proclaimed homosexual Prime Minister Gabriel Attal; a radiant Yaël Braun-Pivet, president of the French National Assembly; and several others) turned the 200-year-old press, which is always used for sealing the original constitutional texts. On the front side, the seal bears an image of Marianne, the symbol of the French republic, with other symbols. The flip side bears the words: “In the name of the French people.”

Emmanuel Macron was positively glowing as the text he had just proudly signed was acclaimed and applauded for several minutes, and his first move was to fold into a lengthy embrace a woman who had been specially invited to join the official personalities as the signatory of an appeal published in the left-wing magazine Le Nouvel Observateur on April 5, 1971, when 343 leading figures of French politics, civil society and show business claimed to have undergone a clandestine abortion, clamoring for the killing of unborn children to become legal. They claimed that “1 million women” had abortions in France each year – one of the exaggerated statistics always used to promote abortion – and that they were one of them. They demanded “open access to contraception” and “open abortion.”

The appeal would soon become known as the “Manifesto of the 343 sluts” and played a major role in obtaining the so-called Veil Act in December 1974, when France became one of the first countries in the West to decriminalize abortion after Simone Veil, a former prisoner in a German concentration camp, championed the case for legal abortion.

From that time on, the legislation would only go downhill: Conditions were eased, the legal limit was pushed back from 10 to 16 weeks’ gestation over the years, the cooling off period was scrapped, minors were allowed to abort without parental consent, women need no longer prove they were in a situation of “distress,” and more and more obstacles were placed in the way of pro-life organizations and demonstrating near hospitals where abortions are performed – in public hospitals with a gynecologic department are even compelled to offer this “service.” Soon, abortion was funded by the French budget and nowadays women receive abortions totally free of charge….

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