Trudeau’s Department of Health Paid Twitter ‘Influencers’ over $680k to Promote Federal Programs – Clare Marie Merkowsky 12/19/23


Canada’s Department of Health has paid social media influencers over $680,000 to voice support for federal programs, reportedly including the experimental COVID shot, since 2021.

According to information published December 14 by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Department of Health admitted that they hired X (formerly known as Twitter) “influencers” beginning in 2021 to publicly support federal programs on their large platforms.  

“Expenditures relate to work by an agency including planning, material development, influencer outreach and liaison, updates, content monitoring, evaluation and management of payments to influencers,” the cabinet wrote in an Inquiry of Ministry. 

Under the Influencer Marketing Program, influencers were paid a total of $682,166 since 2021, the same year Canada released the experimental COVID vaccines. The influencers were expected to support the federal programs but not to tell the public that they had been paid to do so.  

The government-funded X handles include: AlanisDesilets, ArcticMakeup, BreCarpeRuns, CaleonTwins, CassandraBouchard, CharlotteB123, ChelazonLeroux, ChKairyn, ChristineKissickHome, DanielleIsAnxious, DashingDad_YYC, DoTheDaniel, EveMartel, FleurMaison, IAmSukhManGill, Indigenous_Baddie, ItsChrisRobins, JahJahBanks, JemmyEchd and JoselyneEffa. 

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