Italy’s Ex-Health Minister Under Investigation for Murder after Allegedly Covering up COVID Jab Deaths – Andreas Wailzer 12/19/23


Italy’s former health minister is under investigation for murder after allegedly covering up deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

The Italian TV network Rete 4 published internal documents from the public prosecutor’s office showing that former Italian health minister Roberto Speranza and the former director of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) are being investigated for “ideological forgery” and murder for their role in covering up COVID shot injuries and deaths.

The Italian newspaper La Verità confirmed the report by Rete 4 and quoted the public prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi, who said that he believes the conditions for opening the file against the two government officials were met.

Catholic outlet La Nuova Bussola reported that potential offenses by the former government officials include “bribery for the exercise of function,” “bribery for an act contrary to official duties,” ideological forgery committed by a public official, murder, personal injury, and administering medicines in a manner dangerous to public health.

The case was opened after a complaint was filed by lawyers representing a group of over 4,200 people who suffered injuries from the COVID jabs and is based on information uncovered by the so-called “Aifa leaks.”

According to La Nuova Bussola, the internal documents from “Aifa leaks” showed that Aifa executives issued orders to suppress and ignore reports of adverse events, including deaths, from the COVID shots, even though it was the agency’s responsibility to warn about them.

The host of Rete 4 show “Fuori dal coro,” Marianna Canè, said that for the Health Ministry and Aifa officials, “saving the vaccine was more important than saving people.”…

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