Canadian School Board Removes Word ‘Parent’ from Documents, but not all Trustees are Happy – Anthony Murdoch 12/19/23


Not all trustees who serve on a woke Ontario public school board are okay with it getting rid of the word “parent” on a slew of official documents and replacing it with “caregiver” or “family,” calling the whole situation “embarrassing.”  

Trustees from the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) at its meeting on December 11, 2023, voted for a total of four policy changes, those being fundraising, communication with families, helping those with medical needs, and one about extreme temperatures. However, all the new or revised policies had removed the word “parent” from the text of the documents, instead replacing it with the word families or caregivers. 

The extreme temperatures policy had never even before mentioned the words “parent” or legal guardian, however, the words “families” and “caregivers” were added.  

WRDSB trustee Cindy Watson was not pleased with the change, and noted, “I’m just not sure why we don’t want to say the word parent.”  

She added that she was “quite embarrassed that we don’t want to say parent or even legal guardian.”

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