The CEI: Why Brands Risk Going Broke to Look Woke – Daisy Luther 4/10/23


If you’re anything like me, you may have been utterly baffled by recent events in marketing. Companies like Gillette, Disney, Nike, Tampax, and Bud Light seem to have completely abandoned their core customer base and pandered to an entirely different demographic – one that’s unlikely to even need or want their products in the first place.

Well, look no further for the answer.

Move over, ESG scores. Now big corporations are competing for super-high CEI scores. And to do it, many of them have to completely turn their backs on the loyal consumers who’ve been buying their products for years.

What is a CEI score?

Brought to us by a group of control-freaks-pretending-to-be-do-gooders who call themselves The Human Rights Campaign, CEI stands for Corporate Equality Index. 

A quick note about the HRC: it IS, in fact, funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation as well as Disney. Not a conspiracy theory. You can see here where they thanked both companies for their support. And by “support,” I’m pretty sure they don’t mean that those folks getting a shout-out said, “Way to go! You’re doing great, sweetie!”

A company can receive up to 100 points in the CEI rating system. Here’s how those points are earned….

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