Bill Gates Wants Cows to Eat Bromine-Containing Seaweed. Is it Good For Us? – Igor Chudov 4/7/23


Bill Gates is a fortunate businessman whose investments are unusually well-timed. Bill helps his investees succeed in a peculiar manner not available to regular investors like you and me. For example, he invested in a German startup BioNTech just three months before the start of the Covid pandemic. (BioNTech never produced any approved vaccine before Bill Gates’ investment)

A year later, thanks to Bill’s campaign to “vaccinate the world” against a mystery lab-made Covid virus, BioNTech became the largest COVID vaccine maker, producing billions of doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Bill Gates’ investment multiplied thirty-fold.

Since then, Bill has moved on to climate change. Here, also, his investments proved to be very fortunate. Two months after he invested $12 million into a company making cow-burp-reducing seaweed feed supplements, the UK published a document about mandating supplements to reduce cow methane emissions….

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