House Republicans Set Hearing on Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s ‘Pro-Crime’ Policies – The Epoch Times 4/10/23


The House Judiciary Committee announced on April 10 it will hold a field hearing in New York City on April 17 to discuss Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, just weeks after the unprecedented indictment and arraignment of former President Donald Trump in Bragg’s district.

The hearing is titled “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan.”

Bragg has come under fire, mainly from conservatives and the GOP, for what those critics say are “soft on crime” policies. The hearing, according to the committee, “will examine how Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s pro-crime, anti-victim policies have led to an increase in violent crime and a dangerous community for New York City residents.”

Bragg’s office has fired back at the scheduled hearing, calling it a “political stunt.”

“This hearing won’t engage in actual efforts to increase public safety, such as supporting national gun legislation and shutting down the iron pipeline,” a spokesperson for the office said in a statement posted on Twitter.

Shortly after taking office, Bragg issued a memo to his staffers stating that the district attorney’s office will not prosecute, among numerous offenses, marijuana misdemeanors, public transportation fare evasion, most trespassing violations, resisting arrest, and prostitution. Bragg also announced the downgrading of certain offenses including possession of a non-firearm weapon, both residential and commercial burglaries, and drug cases.

Republicans have pointed out the incongruence of Bragg’s leniency for these crimes versus his prosecution of Trump for allegedly falsifying business records….

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