India, Malaysia Move Beyond Dollar to Settle Trade in INR – The Hindu 4/1/23


The announcement is seen as a decisive step towards de-dolarisation and an effort to safeguard Indian trade from the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine and its subsequent fallout and sanctions.

India and Malaysia have agreed to settle trade in the Indian rupees, the Ministry of External Affairs announced on on April 1, 2023.

The announcement came in the backdrop of ongoing official efforts to Safeguard Indian trade from the impact of Ukraine crisis. The shift away from The U.S. dollar which has been the dominant reserve currency for international trade so far has added significance as it indicates India is willing to take concrete steps towards de-dollarisation of its international trade.

The Union Bank of India in a statement said that it has become the first bank in India to operationalise this option by opening a Special Rupee Vostro Account through its “corresponding bank” in Malaysia — India International Bank of Malaysia….

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