Leftist Consulting Firms Exposed As Hidden Hand Behind The Wokification Of Video Games – ZeroHedge 3/12/24

Source: ZeroHedge.com

How the tables have turned in the past decade.  If you were involved at the inception of the culture war around a decade ago then you probably remember an abrupt and distinct change in popular media from 2015 to 2016.  There was a surge of far-left and feminist propaganda in movies, television, commercials and even video games that was highly aggressive, perhaps even militant.  Some people spoke out at the time and questioned the motives behind the trend, only to be smacked down by angry mobs of activists and corporate journalists with accusations of “conspiracy theory” and “bigotry.”

In other words, their claim was that you were not seeing what you thought you were seeing.  There was no feminist agenda.  There was no gay or trans agenda.  There was no socialist messaging.  It was only in your head.

If there is one rule that encompasses all political endeavors, it is this:  If you have to hide your intentions and lie about your goals when trying to spread your ideology, then something is probably very wrong with your ideology.  This is exactly the problem inherent in the attempt to spread woke doctrine – Activists and provocateurs never ask anyone if they want to hear about woke ideas; they seek to force everyone to see and hear woke ideas, to the point that people cannot escape the messaging.

Even more insulting is the fact that even though most of these activists claim to be fans of the media they target, they are usually discovered to be frauds.  Woke ideologues have little sincere interest in nostalgia, movie making, video games, comic books, etc.  They only care about these properties because they see them as a vehicle to be co-opted, infected and dominated.  Leftists know well that if they control pop culture they can control the thinking of the next generation.

The explosion of this cultism was evident by 2016, which led to a rising counter-movement among independents and conservatives within pop-media communities including video games.  Gamergate was born, driven by the desire to call out the thought police taking over the games industry.

The movement would spark a firestorm among mainstream news platforms who sought to discredit them as monstrous misogynists and racists that were merely upset because they didn’t like “diversity in gaming.”  But there had always been diversity in games, so this accusation didn’t hold much water.  The real reason why leftists were furious over Gamergate was because they knew what it represented – organized push-back.  If this continued, the propaganda machine would eventually be exposed.

Skip ahead to 2024, long after the frenzy over Gamergate has faded.  The truth has finally and officially been revealed after disclosures of a little-known company called Sweet Baby Inc.

Founded in 2018, Sweet Baby Inc is a media consulting firm based out of Montreal, Canada.  Many of the founding members of the company have direct ties to the same leftist propagandists that were outed by Gamergate years ago.  The group is also undeniably linked to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programming.  The Spread of DEI and the reason why such consulting firms have any market whatsoever is due exclusively to the global ESG loan scheme.

At the height of ESG, companies like Blackrock and Vanguard were throwing billions in low cost loans at any corporations willing to show their fealty to the woke cause.  The agenda is openly admitted now; the point is to use easy money to “force behaviors” (and narratives) onto the public consciousness.

Recent investigations by a host of independent outlets have discovered that Sweet Baby Inc. has been involved in some of the most blatant woke games of the past decade.  Anyone paying attention to trends might have noticed the exponential rise of a shrill and oppressive voice within the games world.  As it turns out, the progressive stranglehold on video games was not an unorganized affair perpetrated by random unrelated activists; it has been highly centralized and deliberate, using the “terror” of the mob as leverage to convince game developers to insert woke messaging into their products.

Beyond the lure of ESG subsidies, the consulting strategy works like this:  Woke “consultants” accuse developers of producing bigoted content and instigate leftist mobs of hundreds or thousands of people to harass them.  Then, the consultants offer their services to the developers that are under attack, telling them that all they need to do is hire the consulting firm and the mob will leave them alone.  In other words, it’s a protection racket.

Once they are in the door, they sow fear in the minds of marketing teams with images of cancel culture hordes marching out to destroy their company.  The marketing team convinces the game makers to implant incessant woke narratives despite the fact that none of their customers want this.  In the end, the video game market is saturated with leftist-inspired propaganda.  All it takes is a handful of these consulting organizations to change the course of an entire industry.  Companies that used to be concerned with making great products and making their customers happy suddenly become nothing more than bullhorns for the progressive cause….

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