Nearly 500 Nigerians Kidnapped by Islamic Terrorists in Just One Week – Louis Knuffke 3/14/24


Within just one week close to 500 children were kidnapped in two mass abductions in the continuing political unrest caused by the unchecked religious genocide perpetrated by militant Islamic Fulani terrorists. 

On March 7, Fulani militants kidnapped around 270 pupils from primary and secondary schools in the precinct of Kuriga in Kaduna State, Nigeria, while just a week before, on February 28, terrorists kidnapped 200 girls febrand women in Borno State. 

TruthNigeria reported that local sources said the March 7 abductors were likely “working for kidnap kingpin Dogo Gide, whose network reportedly includes as many as 2,000 armed mercenaries.” According to the report, the region of the kidnappings is “a terrorist hub and a known refuge for the Al-Qaeda-linked insurgency known as Ansaru and the Islamic State groups known as Boko Haram (Western Learning Forbidden) and Islamic State of West Africa.”

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State went to Kuriga the day of the kidnappings, vowing to find and return all the children.

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