“Sabotage, Shoddy Maintenance?”: Questions Swirl As Aviation Incidents Spike This Week – ZeroHedge 3/9/24

Source: ZeroHedge.com

A mid-air engine fire, a tire separating from the landing gear, several emergency landings—what the hell is happening in the aviation industry this week?

Here are the latest headlines: 

  1. ZeroHedge (Tuesday): “Plane Was Nosediving”: United Airlines Boeing 737 Engine Erupts In Flames Over Texas
  2. CBS News (Thursday): American Air jet clipped Frontier Jet on Miami International Airport tarmac
  3. ZeroHedge (Friday): United’s Boeing 737 Max Jet Veers Off Runway In Houston, Marking Third Incident In Week
  4. ZeroHedge (Friday): Tire Separates From Boeing 777, Crushes Cars In San Francisco Parking 
  5. ABC7 News (Friday): SFO-MEX United flight makes emergency landing at LAX due to hydraulic failure: officials

Some X users blame the series of aviation failures on the possibility of airline companies focusing on disastrous DEI policies….

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