We Are Being Systemically Blinded – Bret Weinstein 3/5/24

Source: Brownstone.org

[This testimony was given at the US Senate, Monday, February 26, 2024.]

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we must zoom out if we are to understand the pattern we are gathered to explore, because the pattern is larger than the Federal Health Agencies and Covid Cartel. If we do zoom out and ask ‘What they are hiding?’, the answer becomes as obvious as it is disturbing: they are hiding everything.

It will be jarring for many to hear a scientist speak with such certainty. It should be jarring. We are trained to present ideas with caution, as hypotheses in need of a test. But in this case I have tested the idea and I am as certain of this as I am of anything. We are being systematically blinded. It is the only explanation I have encountered that not only describes the present, but also, in my experience, predicts the future with all but perfect accuracy.

The pattern is a simple one. You can see it clearly, and test it yourself: every single institution dedicated to public truth-seeking is under simultaneous attack–they are all in a state of collapse. Every body of experts fails utterly. Individual experts who resist, or worse, who attempt to return their institutions to sanity are coerced into submission.

If they won’t buckle, they are marginalized or forced out. Those outside the institutions who either seek truth alone, or who build new institutions with a truth-seeking mission, face merciless attacks on both their integrity and expertise–often by the very institutions whose mission they refuse to abandon.

There is a saying in military circles: once is a mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action. I have no doubt that given an hour, the people on this panel could point to a hundred examples of the pattern I have just described, while finding even a handful of exceptions would pose a significant challenge.

We are left in a fool’s paradise:

Our research universities spend huge sums of public money to reach preordained conclusions.

Professors teach only lessons that are consistent with wisdom students have picked up on TikTok—even when those lessons contradict the foundational principles of their discipline.

Once proud Newspapers like the NYT and WP only report important stories after they have become common knowledge.

Morticians must now raise the alarm over patterns missed by medical examiners.

The CDC has become an excellent guide to protecting your health, but only for people who realize you should do the opposite of whatever it advises.

The courts–the last holdout in this ongoing inversion of reality–are now regularly used as a coercive weapon of elites against those who threaten their power.

We have literally witnessed the Department of Homeland Security attempt to set up a truth ministry and declare accurate critique of government as a kind of terrorism.

To my fellow patriots of the West, the pattern is unmistakable. I cannot tell you with any certainty who they are, or what they hope to accomplish.

But I can tell you that we are being systematically denied the tools of the Enlightenment, and the rights guaranteed in our Constitution. We—those who remain dedicated to the values of the West–must fight this battle courageously, and we must win, for if we do not stem the tide, the result will be a dark age that differs from prior dark ages only in the power and sophistication of the coercive instruments that will be wielded by those who will rule us.