Leaked Antony Blinken Memo Shows the Grip Gender Ideology has on the US Gov’t – Jonathon Van Maren 2/21/24

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

Last May, President Joe Biden sent out a presidential proclamation calling on Americans to celebrate Mother’s Day and celebrated the essential role that mothers play in the lives of their children. I’ve wondered for awhile how long it will be before Mother’s Day gets cancelled, considering the fact that the LGBT movement celebrates the idea that two men can rent a woman for 9 months and purchase a child, who will be raised motherless. Back in 2019, a CBC opinion columnist wrote that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are “exclusionary” because of the existence of LGBT families and that it shouldn’t be celebrated in schools. 

Presumably, Secretary of State Antony Blinken will tell his boss that a similar proclamation this Mother’s Day is inappropriate — at least, if a February 5 memo leaked to National Review recently is any indication. Blinken’s memo, titled “Modeling DEIA: Gender Identity Best Practices” (that stands for “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” — these acronyms keep getting longer), informs State Department employees that they should no longer use “gendered” terms such as “mother,” “father,” and “manpower” due to the fact that gender is a social construct. The memo explicitly endorses transgender ideology, noting that a person’s gender identity “may or may not correspond with one’s sex assigned at birth.” 

Blinken’s “best practices” include using “gender-neutral language whenever possible” and strenuously avoiding “misgendering” in order to “show respect and avoid misunderstandings.” (“Misgendering” is an Orwellian term used by the transgender movement to refer to using the pronouns that correspond with someone’s biological sex.) Treading carefully, Blinken suggested that his employees provide their “preferred pronouns” in emails and at meetings, but also hastened to say that people could not be “pressure[d] to state their pronouns.” In case that isn’t confusing enough, the Secretary of State, which used to be a serious job, also warned that assuming someone’s gender based on their name or appearance can send a “harmful, exclusionary message” and “can be problematic.”

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