Alan Dershowitz’s Ties to Epstein’s Blackmail Network – Kit Klarenberg 2/21/24


On January 9, MintPress News probed a newly unsealed tranche of documentation on official police investigations into and civil lawsuits leveled against Jeffrey Epstein – specifically, papers mentioning Alan Dershowitz. At that time, the veteran Zionist legal activist had been mooted as Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s top pick to defend Tel Aviv at the International Court of Justice in a case brought by South Africa over the Gaza genocide before almost immediately being dumped due to wide-ranging public backlash.

That Netanyahu considered Dershowitz a viable candidate for the role at all spoke volumes. Both about Tel Aviv’s total lack of self-awareness and qualms over negative publicity, but also Dershowitz’s intimate connections to Israel’s darkest recesses. His role in defending notorious serial rapist Harvey Weinstein in court, and negotiating Epstein’s extraordinary 2008 Non-Prosecution Agreement, are well-known. Yet, obvious questions about whether and how these activities centrally placed him in a web of intelligence-connected blackmail intrigue have never been asked.

When the fresh batch of Epstein files dropped last month, Dershowitz – about whom allegations of pedophilia have abounded for many years – was quick to boast of how his name appeared 137 times in the material while claiming the contents fully exonerated him of any wrongdoing. Even if true – and, as MintPress News’ previous investigation outlined, that is far from certain – certain documents could point to Dershowitz’s complicity in and knowledge of a very different sexual criminality.

‘Leave It Alone’

The origins of Dershowitz’s longrunning friendship with Epstein – or the version he “likes” to tell – are revealed in a July 2019 New Yorker longread. Per Dershowitz, he was introduced to Epstein by his close associate, Lady Rothschild, Lynn Forester. In 1996, she suggested he meet an “interesting autodidact.” As an individual with “an enduring fascination with fame, society, and wealth,” he eagerly accepted the invitation.

Epstein flew to Martha’s Vineyard and visited Dershowitz, bringing a bottle of champagne. “The two men found common interests,” The New Yorker recorded, talking about “science…academia…Harvard.” They became close friends, and in September of that year, Epstein introduced Dershowitz to his “mentor,” billionaire Leslie Wexner. Details of Epstein’s purported wealth management business remain sketchy today, to the point some question if it existed in the first place and how, given the distinct lack of a typical paper trail. Wexner was his only named “client.”

Epstein and Dershowitz traveled to Wexner’s 300-acre estate in Ohio to celebrate their host’s fifty-ninth birthday. Other guests included astronaut turned senator John Glenn and former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Dershowitz’s assessment was that he served as Epstein’s “intellectual gift” to Wexner. Epstein was ever-keen to patronize and be perceived as a patron to academia, particularly Harvard, where Dershowitz taught law from 1964 to 2013. He, sometimes with Wexner, funded new buildings and research programs at the University while serving on assorted advisory boards there.

Accordingly, many eminent figures in academia, science and technology have been linked to Epstein, rousing suspicions they were among his VIP “clients,” for whom he arranged sexual encounters with underage victims. In explaining why the billionaire was treated so leniently in 2008, then-Florida District Attorney Alexander Acosta, who oversaw the prosecution, claims he was told Epstein “belonged to intelligence” and thus was above his pay grade. State authorities were instructed to “leave it alone” as a result.

Intensive investigations into Epstein and his personal and professional networks by MintPress contributor Whitney Webb amply suggest that the “intelligence” to which he “belonged” was Israel’s Mossad. In her landmark, two-part work One Nation Under Blackmail, she concludes Epstein sexually compromised luminaries within U.S. politics, technology, science, and finance, with Mossad and the Zionist cause the “most likely beneficiaries of his blackmail schemes.” This connivance went some way to furthering Tel Aviv’s domestic and foreign policy goals….

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