Mercedes, BMW Sever Russian Dealers From Diagnostic Software – ZeroHedge 8/19/23


Under pressure of the western sanction regime, Mercedes-Benz has cut Russian dealers off from its software, severely impacting their ability to diagnose and service vehicles. BMW has implemented its own restrictions.

“Dealers have been disconnected from the manufacturer’s online software systems,” distributor Mercedes-Benz Russia told Izvestia. “Due to the withdrawal of Mercedes-Benz AG from the Russian market, the joint-stock company Mercedes-Benz Russia does not have any additional opportunities to check and carry out other service measures set for Mercedes-Benz cars by the manufacturer.”

“In some cases, the lack of access to online systems will increase repair times,” the company said, as mechanics will have to rely on their “accumulated experience and knowledge.” In addition to thwarting maintenance and repairs, the software cut-off will also leave Russian drivers unable to update programming on their vehicles.

On his program, Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov lashed out at the Germany company. “Mercedes-Benz informed dealers that all cars would be withdrawn from the service,” he said, according to a translation circulating online. “What does it mean? They sold it and it’s now dangerous? Where’s the class action lawsuit against Mercedes asking it to buy back the cars it sold in Russia? Driving these cars is now potentially dangerous.” …

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