‘This Is Like a Nightmare’: Mother of Jan. 6 Prisoner Becomes Desperate as Her Son Goes Silent From Prison – Patricia Tolson 8/11/23

Source: TheEpochTimes.com

Lynda Davison is scared. Her son, Larry Brock Jr., is a Jan. 6 prisoner. She used to hear from him every day. But now she hasn’t heard from him in two weeks, and no one is giving her any answers.

As reported by The Epoch Times on June 17, Mr. Brock was indicted on six charges (pdf), including obstruction of an official proceeding, one that carries a 20-year prison sentence. Prior to his incarceration, Mr. Brock announced his plans to go on a hunger strike. At the time of the report, Mr. Brock had dropped 30 pounds. His current health status is unknown.

“He called on Monday, the 24th [of July], and said he couldn’t call at their normal time of 11 a.m. because he ‘had a meeting,'” Mrs. Davison recalled. “But then all of a sudden, Larry didn’t call me back that Monday. He didn’t call that evening, and I didn’t worry about it too much. But then the next day, and the next day, and the next, and the next, and nobody hears from him, and that went on until this past Sunday.”

It wasn’t until nearly two weeks later, on Aug. 5, that anyone heard from him again.

“He called his girlfriend and started telling her all this stuff about how they’ve moved him to supermax, and all I know about supermax is that it’s horrible,” Mrs. Davison told The Epoch Times, her voice strained with emotion. “This is like a nightmare.”

From what Mrs. Davison learned, her son was moved on July 25 and placed under supermax restrictions. Where he once called her daily at 11 a.m., he now gets one phone call per month. Where he was once in a pod with 25 other prisoners, he is now alone in a cell 23 hours a day. He is no longer allowed to send or receive emails.

Mrs. Davison says no reason is being given for the change in her son’s conditions other than they have “decided to put him under investigation,” and he has been advised “that he will likely remain under these conditions for the next six to nine months.”

Mr. Brock’s attorney, Charles Burnham, confirmed to The Epoch Times that he, too, was in the dark….

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