World Bank Group Goes Woke – Moon Of Alabama 8/9/23

Source: MoonOfAlabama org

The World Bank Group is a global institution controlled by the U.S. government. It is supposed to lend low interest money to developing countries in need.

Last year the position of its president became controversial. David Malpass, a former Treasury official, was perceived as being ambiguous about the cause of climate change. In February he threw the towel:

The president of the World Bank will step down from his post in June, leaving the organisation almost a year before his term was due to end.

David Malpass announced his decision on social media, without providing a specific reason for his departure.

The pick of former US President Donald Trump, he has been criticised as a climate-change denier.

Last year, the White House rebuked him after he said he did not know if fossil fuels were driving climate change.

He later apologised for the remarks.

In June one Ajay Banga, a former CEO of Mastercard, was installed as the new president. He had worked as an outside adviser for the Obama administration and later for Vice President Kamala Harris.

Under Banga the World Bank Group has gone woke:

World Bank halts new lending to Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The World Bank said on Tuesday it would halt new lending to the Ugandan government after concluding that its anti-LGBTQ law, which has been condemned by many countries and the United Nations, contradicts the bank’s values.

In response, the East African country dismissed the move as unjust and hypocritical….

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