Pentagon Approves Hazard Pay For US Troops In Ukraine, Paving Way For Possible Expanded Presence – Zerohedge 7/28/23


There’s been more confirmation to emerge concerning the American military presence in Ukraine, and its expanding role in the conflict, bringing NATO dangerously closer into a potential hot war with Russia.

The Pentagon has authorized additional hazard pay for U.S. troops serving in Ukraine, a defense official confirmed Thursday,” according to the publication Military Times. “The bonus, known as imminent danger pay, is offered to troops who serve in areas where they could be harmed by hostile fire or mines, insurrection, civil war or terrorism.”

The statement also interestingly said that qualifying troops in Ukraine will be authorized back pay as far back as April 24, 2022—which strongly suggests a significant US presence inside the war-ravaged country since then, or from the opening months of the conflict.

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