Daily Wire Hit With YouTube Censorship Wave, Faces Possible Ban – Christina Maas 6/11/23

Source: ReclaimTheNet.org

Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing has blasted YouTube, accusing the video platform of betraying its promise to foster open debate. The Daily Wire has been hit with multiple violations, dubbed as “Hateful and Derogatory,” which Boreing claims mainly targets commentary on transgender issues.

By the numbers: The Daily Wire received 104 violations within the last 90 days and over 200 in recent months.

Who’s affected: According to Boreing, YouTube’s reprimands landed on the accounts of Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Brett Cooper, and Jordan Peterson.

The fallout: Walsh’s account was demonetized last month. Owens and Knowles were handed a seven-day suspension after a “second strike.” Peterson received his first “first strike.” Boreing drew attention to YouTube’s “three strikes in 90 days” policy, which results in account deletion.

In Boreing’s words: “Everyone knew the truth then – just like everyone knows men are not women,” Boreing stated. “YouTube only does more damage the longer it keeps its finger on the scales.”

Daily Wire’s position: The Daily Wire wants to speak out against minors receiving irreversible treatments in the name of transgenderism….

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