Tel Aviv Colour Revolution – Israel Shamir 5/27/23


For a few months, a colour revolution had been brewing in Israel. Tens of thousands of citizens demonstrated, every Saturday night, predominantly in Tel Aviv, but elsewhere too. The demos caused traffic jams and interfered badly with daily life in the country. At its height, over 250 000 persons participated in one demonstration in Tel Aviv. Then PM Bibi Netanyahu postponed his legal reforms until after the holidays. It helped a bit: the demos slimmed in size and intensity. Frictions with Palestinians have also helped the PM. Still, it was a strong movement, similar to such movements in other countries, such as the Kiev Maidan, the NY Occupy, the Beirut Gucci Revolution, Arab Spring, Velvet Rising, Orange Revolution, Dignity Revolution etc. et al.

Now we have learned something about the central causes of the movement, from the NYT. The NYT discovered, through US intelligence leaks, that the driver behind it and its coordination were supplied by Mossad and Shin Beth, the external and internal intelligence services of the Jewish State. It was not a complete surprise; Israeli media duly informed its consumers that Mossad staff were permitted to participate in the demos; and Mossad’s retired bosses were paraded by the rebels as their leaders. Their deeper participation was discovered by their American brethren. The rebels’ love for America was made quite obvious by their demos at the US embassy. The national blue-and-white banners flew over the crowds stressing their patriotism, together with plentiful stars-and-stripes.

Beside Mossad, the bankers actively supported the revolt. Private banks, Bank of Israel, financial structures – were all for the revolt. So were the Generals, the army and high-ranking officers. And the nasty Schwab, represented by Yuval Noah Harari, was also with them. Amusingly the Israeli government officials characterize the opposition as “the leftists”. Sure, bankers, the Davos crowd and spies are the new communists! Feminists and Soros’s people also support the movement. Meanwhile Justice Minister Yariv Levin has claimed that the US administration is aiding Israeli protesters against the coalition’s judicial reform plan. Washington “is working in cooperation with them on this, as you can see from the things said by the people in the government there,” Levin told haredi (ultra-Orthodox) political operatives, in a video first published by Walla on Monday….

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