Functional Neurological Disorders After COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines – Robert W Malone MD 3/28/23


I stumbled upon this article yesterday in mainstream media, which linked to the Medpage Today review of an important study detailing functional neurologic disorders after COVID-19 infection or vaccination. I don’t usually bother to re-publish items from Medpage Today because of their extreme bias against physicians and scientists who have spoken out about the pseudo-mRNA vaccine. Today, I am making an exception because they actually published this review without bias.

Most of this article is behind a paywall, so I am posting sections of it here for educational purposes only.

Please note the subtitle from Medpage article below (“Long COVID functional manifestations differ from post-vaccine effects”). Within the body of the text, Medpage is actually admitting adverse events from the vaccine are more common than previously thought! Is this evidence that the tide of misinformation from medical journals geared towards physician education may be decreasing? One can only hope…….

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