Israeli Army Kills 10 Palestinians in a Single Raid, Including Several Resistance Fighters – Mondoweiss 2/22/23


The massive Israeli invasion of Nablus led to the assassination of several Palestinian resistance fighters, while the army fired indiscriminately at residents and killed an additional 8 Palestinians.

At approximately 10 a.m. today, February 22, the Israeli army launched a massive invasion of the Old City of Nablus. Initial reports from local journalists reported that the army had surrounded a house harboring two Palestinian resistance fighters from the Lions’ Den resistance group. By 12:38 p.m., reports streamed in that the two resistance fighters had been assassinated.

The invasion began with a commando raid by an Israeli special operations unit, which targeted the resistance fighters holed up in a house in the heart of the Old City. At the same time, large numbers of Israeli military forces invaded the Old City and city center, spreading out and firing indiscriminately at Palestinians in the area. Eyewitnesses and local journalists reported heavy Israeli gunfire, as the army fired live ammunition on crowds of Palestinians and fired tear gas canisters.

Clashes broke out throughout the city as local youth flooded the streets to face off against the invading military force with stones.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH), 10 Palestinians were killed during the raid, including the two resistance fighters, while 102 Palestinians were injured, many of them remaining in critical condition….

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