Zelensky Appoints Sexologist Pyramid Schemer as Ambassador to Bulgaria – TheGrayzone 12/28/22

Source: TheGrayzone.com

While Zelensky hypnotizes Western governments into forking over vast sums to finance his war effort, he has appointed a literal hypnotist (and part-time sexologist multi-level marketer) to a high-level diplomatic position.

High end jewelry, hypnotism and multi-level marketing are not qualifications typically associated with international diplomacy. But these skills are featured prominently on the resumé of Ukraine’s new ambassador to Bulgaria, Olesya Ilashchuk.

Since her December 23 appointment by Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky as Bulgarian ambassador, Olesya Ilashchuk has locked her Facebook account. At the time this report was filed, only the “intro” section of her Facebook page was visible. It listed some educational experience and contained the following professional fields: “Clinical psychologist, Systemic family therapist, Gestalt therapist, sexologist-consultant.” Ilashchuk was reportedly posting updates to her page on subjects related to gestalt therapy and sexology “until recently.”

Ilashchuk’s dearth of diplomatic qualifications is so glaring that even the British government-funded BBC has branded her appointment “scandalous.” As the mockery grows, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has fired off a statement defending the political novice as an expert in international relations and noting her fluency in English – not the official language of Bulgaria….

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