Wellness is a Gateway to Right-Wing “Fascism”? The Guardian’s Advocacy Journalism Attacks the Physically Fit. – Robert W. Malone MD 6/5/24

Source: rwmalonemd.substack.com

I know the Guardian is a left-wing socialist rag, but even for them – their article titled “Everything you’ve been told is a lie!’ Inside the wellness-to-fascism pipeline is so over the top obnoxious and bigoted that I can’t help but be amazed. Talk about lefties losing it!

Yep, according to the Guardian, there is a “WELLNESS TO FASCISM PIPELINE.”

From the article:

Thanks to wellness, QAnon is the conspiracy that can draw in the mum who shops at Holland & Barrett and her Andrew Tate-watching teenage son. The QAnon conspiracy is one of the most dangerous in the world, directly linked to attempted insurrections in the US and Germany, and mass shootings in multiple countries – and wellness is helping to fuel it.

The “wellness-to-woo pipeline” – or even “wellness-to-fascism pipeline” – has become a cause of concern to people who study conspiracy theories.

This apparent radicalisation of a nice, middle-class, hippy-ish group feels as if it should be a one-off, but the reality is very different. The “wellness-to-woo pipeline” – or even “wellness-to-fascism pipeline” – has become a cause of concern to people who study conspiracy theories.

The article’s psychobabble is incredibly intense and strange; to the point where it is hard to read the text without laughing out loud. The Guardian tries to link the modern-day “wellness” movement to the creation of QAnon, conspiracy theories and even fascism. Frankly, the entire article reads like a prolonged narcissistic self-victimizing cry of envy and resentment. Reminds me of some of my detractors.

The premise of The Guardian’s hit piece is that somehow people who are in the fitness industry are more prone to conspiracy theories, which then – according to the article is a “wellness to fascism pipeline”.

Furthermore, “people who study conspiracy theories”, those anonymous “people”, those experts who study conspiracy theories see wellness as a pipeline to fascism.

Have those experts actually bothered to read a definition of fascism? Enquiring minds also want to know – are those experts employed or funded by the government? Cause it sure seems like there is an agenda at work here….

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