US-Made Bombs Used In Deadly Strike On Rafah Tent Camp – ZeroHedge 5/29/24


A fresh CNN report has concluded that Israel used American-made bombs in Sunday’s attack on a refugee tent encampment in Rafah which killed 45 people, including women and children.

The attack on the displacement camp has driven global outrage also given the grim footage and images which surfaced in the aftermath, including of a headless child. Over 200 more were injured. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday blamed a “tragic mistake” for the attack, while the Biden administration said it did not cross the president’s ‘red line’.

The airstrike happened at a location identified as “Kuwait Peace Camp 1” and resulted in fire rapidly spreading through tents packed with civilians.

“In video shared on social media, which CNN geolocated to the same scene by matching details including the camp’s entrance sign and the tiles on the ground, the tail of a US-made GBU-39 small diameter bomb (SDB) is visible, according to four explosive weapons experts who reviewed the video for CNN,” the report said.

The White House has throughout the conflict refused to place conditions on US weapons transfers, despite growing pressure even within the Democratic party, though it did pause a single ammo shipment. The New York Times has also analyzed bomb fragments from the attack site, and has come to the same conclusion….

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