Episcopalians’ New ‘Pride’ Emblem Shows how LGBT Ideology has Overtaken their Religion – Doug Mainwaring 5/29/24

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

The Episcopal church has unveiled its new “pride shield” in “celebration of LGBTQ+ inclusion,” deforming its long-held emblem whose red, white, and blue colors are intended to represent the sacrifice of Christ and Christian martyrs, the “purity of the Christian faith,” and the humanity of Christ received from the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

The white field behind the red cross of St. George represented the “purity of the Christian faith,” with the pale blue area in the upper left-hand corner containing nine white “crosslets” representing the nine original dioceses of the Episcopal church in America in 1789. 

The remaining three white divisions formed by the red cross have now been filled in with the colors of the rainbow homosexual and the pastel-striped transgender flags.  

In other words, the “purity of the Christian faith” has been symbolically pushed aside to make room for the ascendency of LGBT political power, just in time for this year’s “pride month.”

The design includes not only the traditional “pride” flag, but the “Progress Pride flag” and “Philadelphia Pride flag.”  

A statement from the church, which links to the website of the radical LGBT activist group “Human Rights Campaign,” explains: “In their use of black, brown, pink, and light-blue diagonal lines, the latter two flags represent intersectional progress in acknowledging people who are often overlooked by the mainstream LGBTQ+ movement: communities of color; the transgender community [sic],” as well as “the many thousands” allegedly “harmed by anti-LGBTQ+ policy.”…

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