Racist Secession? Conservatives Escape Democrat-Run Baton Rouge With Creation Of New City – ZeroHedge 5/11/24

Source: ZeroHedge.com

The battle started a decade ago with conservative parents in the eastern areas of Baton Rouge, Louisiana seeking the right to send their children to better public schools.  Their requests for a redistricting to build a new school in their area was denied by the city.  Year after year Louisiana public schools have been rated some of the worst performing schools in the US, not just in education but also in safety.

Then there was the ongoing threat of rising crime combined with persistent Democrat controlled leadership; the policies of progressives directly contributed to repeat offenders being released onto the streets.  Conservative residents, feeling that Baton Rouge leaders had no intention of representing their interests or listening to their concerns, decided they had to take drastic measures to make a change.

The result was an effort of citizens in the east to break away from Baton Rouge entirely and create their own city, called St. George.  The problem for Democrats was that citizen proponents of the new city would be taking away access to their money, their businesses and their children.  This was apparently unacceptable.

The corporate media and elements of the Democratic Party immediately launched a propaganda effort to paint the breakaway community (and other movements like it) as “white flight” and a new form of segregation.  Their argument was that the petitions for St. George were racially motivated and a return to the Jim Crow era of Louisiana politics. …

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