Ontario Court of Justice Says Participants Must State their ‘Preferred Pronouns’ During Introduction – Clare Marie Merkowsky 4/18/24

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

Pledging allegiance to gender ideology, the Ontario Court of Justice is now requiring all court participants to state their “preferred pronouns” before the start of each case.

On April 11, Sharon Nicklas, Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice, announced that all lawyers, clients, and witnesses in the court room must give their “preferred pronouns” at the beginning of each court case – a move that aligns itself with radical gender ideology by implying that man should be referred to as “she” and “her” if requested.

“At the beginning of any in-person, virtual or hybrid hearings, when lawyers are introducing themselves, their client, a witness or another individual, they should provide the judge or justice of the peace with each person’s name, title (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Mx., Counsel “X”) and pronouns to be used in the hearing,” Nicklas wrote.  

“If counsel does not provide this information in their introduction, they may be invited by a court clerk to provide this information,” she continued.

“At the beginning of each court session, court clerks have been asked by Court Services Division to announce that parties appearing before the court are invited to provide their title and pronouns to the court,” she concluded.  

It’s unclear if those involved in cases will be forced to use the non-factual pronouns of a person.

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