Catholic Investigative Reporter Explains why he’s Exposing Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove – Stephen Kokx 4/8/24


Kyle Clifton is an investigative journalist who has released multiple explosive videos uncovering Freemasonic rituals over the last several months. He says he has received threatening messages for doing so.

“My inspiration will always be Jesus Christ. I watch my back and have God protecting me. I have Saint Michael the Archangel on my side,” he told LifeSite this week.

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— Kyle – Undercover (@kyleisbased) February 23, 2024

Clifton, who goes by “Kyle Undercover,” has built a reputation as a truth-telling zealot willing to risk his safety to expose evil. A devout Traditional Catholic who admits he is likely on the FBI’s radar, his new target is the shadowy Bohemian Grove group in northern California.

“I would like for this club to be ended once and for all,” he explained to LifeSite via email. “I would encourage other members, especially those that are Catholic and are part of this club, to come clean and admit that it is wrong and release more footage or information about it.”

Undercover announced on March 15 that he obtained a leaked Bohemian Grove “top-secret official document” that includes a list of “all persons in attendance to their most recent secret society meeting.” Among those on the list, he says, includes the husband and son of Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. David Gergen, a former CNN political analyst, is also named….

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