Appeals Court Vacates “Disinformation” Monitoring of Jan. 6 Defendant’s Computer – Didi Rankovic 4/9/24


The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has overturned a provision imposed against a January 6 defendant to have his computer surveilled and inspected for “disinformation,” while on probation.

Late last month, the appeals court asked a district judge who issued the order, Reggie Walton, to remove the computer monitoring part from the decision, with a panel of judges stating that Walton “plainly erred” when he mandated the measure.

The defendant, in this case, is Daniel Goodwyn, sentenced to two months in prison last June by the district court presided by Judge Walton, who found that in addition to other accusations against him, Goodwyn was spreading “misinformation” (and “disinformation” – but the judge used two words as if they meant the same thing).

This refers to Goodwyn in March 2023 appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight and “spreading “dis(mis)information” when he “made no attempt to correct the record,” i.e., argue with Carlson, who said that January 6 defendants had received unfair treatment relative to their actions during the incident….

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