Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland Diagnosed with Progressive HPD – Incurable Unless she Takes the Prime Ministry from Justin Truedau – John Helmer 4/3/24


In two public performances of less than two minutes apiece, Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and leader of Canada’s war against Russia, has demonstrated bizarre facial and upper torso symptoms.

Political analysts and psychiatrists have been asked if they believe Freeland is suffering from a clinical pathology or drug abuse. Cocaine use has been ruled out. According to a medical psychiatrist, “the display [of symptoms] is remarkable. And just as remarkable, they disappear when [Freeland] takes the tribune from the prime minister and starts to make a speech herself. The control of torso, eyes, and speech she shows then is not consistent with chronic cocaine use.” The source, who specializes in treating drug addiction, says that Freeland’s display of symptoms does not reveal the twitches, tics, or other involuntary muscular movements usually seen with cocaine users.

“What can I make of the relentless movements,” the source commented. “[They] are more or less non-stop and they serve to draw attention away from everybody but herself. In her speech, there was no restlessness.  It was fluent and clear. But she was the centre of attention then. It seems to me that with all her restless movements taking so many different forms she could still be the centre of attention…In some ways she was like the child who must always have attention.”

Another expert source believes Freeland’s symptoms have been diagnosed clinically in the US as Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD). This has been reported in a research paper published in January of this year: “a chronic and enduring condition marked by a consistent pattern of attention-seeking behaviours and an exaggerated display of emotions. Typically emerging in late adolescence or early adulthood, individuals with HPD are often characterized as narcissistic, self-indulgent, and flirtatious. Individuals with HPD may feel undervalued when not in the spotlight, leading to a persistent need for validation…People presenting with HPD typically demonstrate rapidly shifting and shallow emotions that others may perceive as insincere…Women are four times more likely to be diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder than men.”

Canadian political analysts report that Freeland’s condition has long been recognized among male voters; less so among female voters. The analysts also note that as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau loses general voter approval, and also the support of his Liberal Party constituency, Freeland’s ambition to replace him before the national election next year, is becoming more obvious.

Her HPD symptoms, the sources say, become extreme when she appears in public with Trudeau, revealing her impatience to replace him.

In this personal contest of wills and of political power in Canada, the national and provincial polls are showing that the looming defeat of Freeland’s side in the war against Russia, the partition of the Ukraine, and the loss of more than C$4 billion in Canadian military donations to Kiev,  are making no (repeat no) difference to the election outcome in Ottawa.

Watch the Vancouver, British Columbia, incident on March 27 here.    Freeland’s display of symptoms continued until Prime Minister Trudeau began speaking; the camera then focused on him alone.  She followed to the tribune with a scripted speech of her own after eight minutes, when her eye, hand, and shoulder symptoms stopped.

The Winnipeg, Manitoba, incident has been reported by Mats Nilsson on Twitter after the Vancouver display; follow the presentation of symptoms here.

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