Survey Shows Growing Number of People are Leaving Organized Religions over LGBT Disputes – Jonathon Van Maren 3/28/24


I first became interested in Christian apologetics while at university. My first-year philosophy prof was a sneering atheist who used plenty of class time to make snide remarks about theism, and atheism, at the time, was of the triumphalist sort.

Richard Dawkins published The God Delusion in 2006; the Christopher Hitchens screed God is Not Great came out in 2007; Bill Maher released the documentary Religulous mocking the faithful in 2008. On campus, the New Atheist movement thrived, and we had plenty of debates over the problem of evil, the historicity of the Resurrection, and the veracity of the Bible.

These days, however, the New Atheist movement is dead, and its chief proponents have found themselves targets of various woke movements — Dawkins, Maher, and Sam Harris have all discovered that a post-Christian civilization isn’t the enlightened liberal paradise they had hoped it would be. But the Christian apologetics movement, too, has faced challenges. One of the most prominent of these is that most young people no longer reject Christianity because they have quibbles about the historicity of Scripture or the nature of God. These days, it is often because LGBT ideology is the new orthodoxy….

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