Nearly 200 People Visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’ After his Sex Crime Conviction are Exposed by Mobile Data Linking them to Homes and Offices Across the US – Lewis Pennock 3/29/24


Nearly 200 people who visited Jeffrey Epstein‘s ‘pedo’ island left a trail of mobile device data which links them to homes and offices in the US around the world, a new analysis reveals.

The analysis exposes the movements of visitors to the island from 2016 to Epstein’s final arrest in 2019, years after his conviction in 2008 for procuring a child for prostitution.

The location data was pinged from their mobile devices to platforms which facilitate targeted advertising. This information was then compiled by Near Intelligence, a controversial location data broker.

A report by Wired mapped the data from devices which visited Epstein’s Caribbean island, Little St James, and traced them back to around 166 locations in the US which are believed to be the homes and business addresses of the device owners.

Some devices were also linked to addresses in Ukraine, the Cayman Islands and Australia, according to the report….

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