What is the Source of the Modern Epidemic of Chronic Illness? – A Midwestern Doctor 3/28/24

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Note: while this article has a political focus, it is primarily a discussion of the (relatively unknown) root causes of chronic illness in America.

A year ago, I endorsed RFK Jr. for president and helped promote his campaign launch. Since then, he has had an unprecedented degree of success and is already the most successful independent presidential candidate since Ross Perot’s historic 1992 run.

Because of this, there has been an immense interest on who RFK Jr. would nominate as his running mate. Yesterday, he chose Nicole Shanahan, a lawyer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who is deeply connected to the Silicon Valley political elite (e.g., she is the recent ex-wife of Google’s co-founder with whom she shares an autistic daughter).

Shanahan’s acceptance speech in turn received millions of views on Twitter, and since I could not find a correctly clipped version of it, I am including that here:

In this article, I will share my thoughts on the the most important highlights from her speech and what I believe to be the political implications of RFK Jr.’s choice to nominate her.

Over the last century, there has been a tremendous advancement in medical science and many previously insurmountable conditions are now easily managed by the conventional medicine. At the same time, almost every mentor of mine has shared with me that they observed from the start of their careers to the end of it:

•The rates of chronic illnesses in the population increased.

•Many diseases appeared that had previously been almost unheard of.

•Many holistic treatments which patients had previously had dramatic responses to they now only marginally responded to.

Note: part of my life’s work has been tracking down the lost and forgotten medical cures and then seeing which did and did not work. I believe the final bullet point plays a big part in explaining why it’s so hard to determine which ones were legitimate, as while some are still phenomenal, I believe some of the others that don’t get results now weren’t hoaxes but rather simply are no longer appropriate for the current age we live in.

In turn, quite a few of my mentors asked the same question I did to their mentors, and shared that my “grand-mentors” (or great-grand-mentors) likewise observed this same decline throughout the course of their careers. From this, I’ve been able to trace a continuous observation of that progressive decline being directly reported since the late 1800s (and about 50 years earlier if I am make some inferences I believe are reasonable, and earlier still if I include what many of the doctors of the era reported about the early mercury preparations).

This discovery thus raises an obvious question: what has caused that decline in humanity’s health? I’ve put a lot of thought into this and believe that while the widespread use of a few of the allopathic drugs (e.g., mercury) was incredibly problematic, by far the biggest shift occurred after the widespread adoption of the disastrous smallpox vaccine roughly 200 years ago (which was discussed in detail here).

Since that time, numerous additional insults have been added into our environment and each one has created a significant (and sustained) spike in chronic illness that the current generation has become acclimated into accepting as the “new normal” until it is no longer questioned, while the doctors who bore witness to the catastrophic explosion in chronic illness become forgotten, and the cycle repeats.

For example, a good case can be made that the vaccines manufactures being given complete legal immunity in 1986 for their products (which incentivized a glut of not necessarily safe vaccines flooding the market) was directly responsible for the unprecedented spike in chronic illness which began shortly after. Likewise, many physicians in practice have observed their patients became much sicker once the COVID vaccines came out, and a big part of why I write here is so that this decline in health does not again become normalized and forgotten.

Note: I believe a key issue behind all of this is that the existing economic system incentivizes selling lucrative treatments for conditions rather than actually curing them. Because of this, the explosion of chronic disease is “good for business” and those seeking to cure it are vastly out-funded by the corporations who profit off it and can afford to buy a monopoly for their business.

RFK Jr.’s consistent message has been that the epidemic of chronic disease facing our children is the greatest threat our country faces, and that for our country to remain viable something must be done about it.

In turn, this epidemic was a key theme of Shanahan’s acceptance speech….

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