Tucker Carlson: Biden Admin Set Up US Soldiers ‘to be Killed’ as Pretense for War with Iran – Patrick Delaney 1/31/24

Source: LifeSiteNews.com

Due to a decades-long desire by Israeli leaders and U.S. neoconservatives to initiate war with Iran, American troops were left in a vulnerable position “as bait,” “to be killed” in order to create a pretense for war, according to Tucker Carlson and his guest, Washington state congressional candidate Joe Kent.

Kent’s campaign website states he is a veteran of U.S. Special Forces with experience both as a CIA field operative and policy adviser to former President Donald Trump.

“We left our troops in these vulnerable locations,” the former Green Beret assessed. “By leaving our troops in these locations (essentially) undefended… we left them there as bait because so many people in Washington, D.C., want to go to war with Iran.”

Ep. 69 War with Iran? Yes. We’re already in it. Joe Kent did 11 combat tours in the U.S. Army. His wife Shannon was killed serving in Syria. Here’s his informed view of what that war will mean. pic.twitter.com/5yNCDc37Gb

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 29, 2024

Kent was lamenting the drone attack against a small U.S. military outpost near the border of Jordan and Syria this past weekend which reportedly left three American soldiers dead and over 40 wounded.

While government authorities in Jordan initially claimed the attack happened on the Syrian side of the border, they later appeared to confirm it was indeed in Jordan condemning the attack “on the border with Syria.” The outpost, called Tower 22, supports the illegal U.S. military occupation in northeastern Syria.

Noting that the American troops stationed in these dangerous locations have been attacked, “at least 150 times since the October 7th incident began,” the combat veteran affirmed U.S. authorities could anticipate this attack, and indeed, such deaths were “an inevitable conclusion.”

Kent, who’s first wife was killed in the line of duty in Syria, proposed that U.S. officials were not only working to provoke war with Iran by leaving their service personnel vulnerable to strikes from Shia militias, but they were actually funding and equipping such militias indirectly through American support for the government of Iraq.

“The government of Iraq is completely controlled by Iran,” he explained. “We spend billions of dollars every single year funding, arming, training, and equipping the Iraqi government so they can turn around and support the exact same militias that just killed our troops.”

“So if you look at just the full scope of the way that we have arranged ourselves in the Middle East, who we’re supporting and where our troops are, there’s no logical conclusion other than the fact that we have left them there as bait, to be killed by Iranians at the time and place of their choosing, so that we can continue to escalate towards a conflict with Iran,” the candidate concluded….

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