Israeli Army Gassed my Son ‘Like Auschwitz,’ Mother of Slain Israeli Soldier Says – Wyatt Reed and Max Blumenthal 1/18/24


An outraged Israeli mom has sparked an uproar after accusing the Israeli army of deliberately gassing her son to death while he was being held in a Gaza tunnel. Now she says the Israeli military had her son’s gravestone removed after her critical message went viral. His killing follows a pattern of Israeli military attacks on Israeli captives in Gaza, raising questions about the existence of a friendly fire policy to prevent prisoner swaps.

The mother of a now-dead Israeli soldier captured by Hamas militants on October 7 says it was the Israeli military, not Palestinian resistance fighters, who killed her son. In a recently-published post on Facebook, Israeli mother Maayan Sherman wrote that her son Ron was “indeed murdered – not by Hamas,” but in circumstances more akin to “Auschwitz and the showers.”

The killing of her son, she wrote, was caused “not from accidental gunfire, nor from crossfire, but from premeditated murder – bombing with poison gas.”

The mother of Ron Sherman, 1 of the Israeli soldiers captured on 7/10, accuses our army of being responsible for his death in a tunnel in Gaza and claims he died as a result of the Israeli use of poisonous gases as part of an attempt to kill Palestinian militants in the tunnels.

— Asaf Ronel (@AsafRonel) January 17, 2024

“Ron was kidnapped because of the criminal negligence of all the senior officials of the army and this damned government, who gave an order to eliminate him in order to settle a score with some terrorist from Jabalya,” she added.

Sherman’s body, alongside those of fellow captured soldiers Nik Beizer and Elia Toledano, was recovered from a tunnel in Gaza in December. Mainstream media outlets previously blamed Palestinians for the killing of at least one of the captives, whose death was falsely described in one publication as a “Hamas execution.”

Israel has refused to divulge further information regarding the circumstances of the deaths, stating in a press release that “it cannot be denied nor confirmed that they were killed due to strangulation, suffocation, poisoning, or as the result of an IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] attack or Hamas operation.” But Sherman’s mother says all the evidence indicates the Israeli government deliberately killed her son….

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