Monetizing the COVID-19 Backlash: Big Vision, Palpable Demand, But Can They Pull it Off? – Steven O’Connor 1/5/24


(This essay was originally published by Trial Site News.)

We refuse to profit from your sickness. Join the fight for medical freedom by supporting TWC — a company focused on your Wellness with incredible doctors, treatments, and products.” A quote from Dr. Peter A. McCullough of The Wellness Company, a startup seeking to build a parallel health system. But along the way, will the company start embracing attributes mastered by the existing healthcare corporate empire?

Founded in June 2022, the Wellness Company is a new company that offers supplements that purport to reverse damage from mRNA vaccines, along with COVID-19 treatments offered via telemedicine subscriptions. Founded by Foster Coulson, the driving ethos was to build a company to support a patient-centric, parallel healthcare company.  Driving that vision was what Coulson saw as a system during the COVID-19 pandemic demonizing front line physicians and available, safe medicines that could have saved in his view millions of lives.  A lead player is the high-profile Dr. Peter McCullough, quoted above. But of course, this firm focuses on profits if it is to grow, invest and truly offer an alternative system, friendly to patients. While the Wellness Company is a privately held, independent venture,  a review of Coulson’s investments reveals what looks to be a larger-scale entity designed to give mainstream healthcare systems competition.

A company Mission Statement, named “Warrior Initiative”, purports that TWC focuses on veterans and first responders.  This initiative statement indicates that:

“We believe a moral obligation exists to serve those who have fought a two-decade long war to ensure our security and safety—especially those who returned from combat with physical and/or mental scars. We owe another debt to those on the home front who risk their lives every day as First Responders, putting their lives on the line to protect and save ours. The Wellness Company (TWC) is committed to serving our Veterans and First Responders whom we consider our nation’s warrior class. TWC’s mission is to bring the most comprehensive wellness products and resources available to promote healthier and more holistic lifestyles for our warrior class.”

Despite this noble mission statement, TWC has earned an “F” from the Better Business Bureau. And oddly, an unrelated firm, with an identical “The Wellness Company” moniker, is a pro-vaccine medical services organization out of Rhode Island.  What follows is both a critical review of TWC plus the summary of a discussion with their Chief Executive Officer Peter Gillooly….

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